Monday, March 29, 2021

All figured out.

 A week or two ago I posted about the Ebay deal I got on the partial set of 2005 Donruss. I highlighted the inserts and parallel cards that I got in. One of the inserts sets was "Fans of the Game". Later in the comments one follower made mention about the Dean Cain card, and that it was an error that slipped through. A few days later Greg (Night Owl) had gotten the Dodgers in a package, and I commented that he still needed the "error" Cain card. 

Well, turns out it was NOT an error by Donruss, it truly is a Dodgers card.  Here let me show in pictures.

Notice the Dodgers logo on Cain. Now take a peek at the uniform Cain is wearing and compare it to the McGinley card.  Not the same.  Cain is NOT wearing a NY Yankees uniform. It is a NYC Empires uniform.  The back explains it clearly.


Yep, this is a Dodgers card. The only error was my and others' assumption that it was.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

The return of the Lost Wackys: Variations series 10.

No, these are not the authorized sets from ANS Topps with 4 series. But, picking back up where I left off in 2019 with the UN-authorized (Underground) Lost Wacky's and specifically the "Variations" series 10-17. Remember these are the ones that are a little risque, sort of.

These should run us a couple of months of Wednesdays. I will forego the "Boxes" series, they really are stupid. Also noting that I did not buy ANY of these sets. The variations are 9 stickers/cards and 2 puzzles per set. They run $25.00 a set. No thank you, so I am borrowing the photos from the web.

Have every wanted to do that to anyone, lol.


The puzzles.

Here is a so called comparison for the first sticker/card. You can check out the rest of the comparisons at

See you next week with ????

Saturday, March 27, 2021

The San Diego Chicken

 As posted earlier this month I have the complete 2021 Donruss set. (sort of). I was waiting on the SSP Chicken which arrived today and you can see now. I am waiting on the SP Ayala which should arrive next week. The Ayala isn't a big deal to me other than set completion, but the Chicken........I love the Chicken, I collect the Chicken. I should have a PC of him as I have pretty much all of the cards although I may not know where they all are. Anyways, here is this years San Diego Chicken.

The 2021 front.

The 2021 back.

 Not a whole lot of difference between last years 2020 and this years. See for your self.

2020 Chicken.


Thursday, March 25, 2021

A Wandering Mind.

 Initially, I was going to title this post "The Wandering Mind". I quickly realized that I was thinking specifically about my wandering mind, thus I decided to go with A instead of The even though it doesn't really matter. But at least I now have your minds wandering.....maybe. 

I came up with this post idea yesterday as I was walking through the "front room"- where my Uncle lives. The t.v. was on something not sure what exactly (probably Fox News), but I heard the old cliche "nip it in the bud". I am sure that most if not all of us has heard that saying before. Barney Fife pops into mind right away, lol. My mind started going all over the place. I was quickly distracted from whatever was being said and began in my mind running through all of the old cliche's that pretty much mean the same thing as nip it in the bud. So here we go:

"nip it in the bud"

"right from the get go or start"

"cut/head it off at the pass/path"

"before it even gets started"

"in the beginning"

"before it becomes"

"don't even think about it"

I am sure some of those phrases or cliche's could be used in all kinds of situations. I'm also sure that there are a ton more that could lean toward those mentioned above too. Likewise, I'm sure that sometime in the coming moments of life YOU are going to have a MOMENT and you might even cuss me for putting the idea in the back your mind. Alas, there you are taking possession of my wandering mind and making it yours.  Let's see how this little experiment works.

Feel free to let me know if I got you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Wacky Wednesday (Topps Wacky Packages)

 Back in 1985 Topps tried for the first time to re-boot their Wacky Packages product with new parodies since the series 16 in 1976. Unlike the re-run's they attempted in 1979 & 1980. They also did album stickers in 1982 and 1986, but they weren't that popular back then.  At the card show in Jax a few weeks ago, I picked up some of the 85' stickers.

Here you have the checklist. 44 titles in the set. There are 2 different puzzles. No variations. 

I grabbed them at a dime a piece. For $2.00 I got half of the set. Not bad money wise.

On a side note Topps also did an Irish test set in 81' (actually released in the UK and not in Ireland), but they say Ireland on the copyright, so they are referred to as the Irish set. A final Irish set (UK) was produced in 1985 as well, but the stickers are slightly smaller than the test set which were die cut stickers, but the full release in 85' were not die cut. The 81' Irish stickers were re-runs (17-33) from the original 1-16 series, but the first 16 stickers of the Irish set were all new stickers. Why am I telling you this? Well, technically those 16 stickers could be Topps' first attempt at new stickers.  In addition Topps also did a 1985 OPC set that just like the re-runs of 79 & 80 are identical to the US releases. OPC did have a set in 1987 that could be differentiated from the US set. Wow, that is a lot of rambling, but I do not own any of the above mentioned stickers so this is all you'll get from me until I do.

See ya.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Last round Deal 2.

 This is the last of the card show cards.

Might as well start this off with some high end relics.

A couple more High enders.

Some autos for the mix.

See I told you had another Fowler. I know that most of the names are of people we don't know or "collect", but still FORTY CENTS.

Colorful and shiny. Oh lookie, Didi, but that is not an autographed card at least I don't think it is (it doesn't say certified).

Okay that wraps it up.  So far this lot of 253 relic/autographed cards for $100.00 was the best deal from this specific show, and the best deal so far this year. I'll be keeping my eye out for better deals each month. next show is in 2 weeks.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

A few more new Braves and a complaint.

 Most of these are from 2021 Topps. A couple are 2020 Topps parallels.

This is my first Gold Foil parallel from last years (2020 Topps).

Camargo is a Rainbow foil, althought the scan doesn't reflect it very well.

A new Hammer and there will be another.

A pair of 70 Years of Topps. Not really a fan of this insert set.

Die cut Hank. Another insert set that I am not impressed with.  I had hopes, but once in hand nada.

Last but not least is my third Brave from the Through the Years insert set.  I posted the Hank last week.

Now for the complaint. No, not about Topps (although that would be an easy task). No, this is about Panini. I laid word gently about this in my 2021 Donruss post. I did get my complete set in on Saturday. I even have the Chicken on it's way too. Now just need the Ayala SP. 

I had mentioned that the "variations" (there are 38 total) had 3 back of the card variations. I will let you figure out the gripe.

#154 is the first one. What you can't see it?

It is the spacing on the 61 after Miami. STUPID! 

Okay on Yelich, it too is the text spacing.

Basically the same spot, but not quite as "off" as the previous example. STUPID!

Here is the third example. The babe must be rolling over in his grave. Seriously the variation is that the reverse printing of the card back. UGH!  Anyways. 

I'll finish up the Deal 2 cards tomorrow.


Saturday, March 20, 2021

FORTY cent cards: Round 2

 Time for round two of the best deal on cards so far (for this year). I obviously seek out the best deals all year long normally. Last year was certainly an exception. By rule an exception ONLY happen once, so no more of last year. :). Done over with. Let's find some new deals. I hope to find better deals than the two really good deals I found at the March card show. With that said, let's peek in on these sleepers that cost me FORTY cents each. 

Hosmer is not a guy I would normally collect. But for .40 and that card, oh yeah straight to the relic binders.

As you can see this a BAT heavy section. A pair of Vlad's and a Bags & Thomas dual bat card. Yep, .40.

Three years of Bazooka Blasts. These in my mind have always been "low end" relics. However, all PC guys, forty cents you bet.

Yep, I see the double Thome. It's okay that way one can go in the PC and the other in the relic binders.

Bowman Sterling Vlad, yes sir (or ma'am).

Okay let's get back to some jersey/pant relics.

How about some miniature relics.

Okay this is the stopping point for tonight. As you can see that just like the last batch there are a lot of Thome, IROD, and Vlad's. Pretty sure the next round will too. See you in funny papers, JK. I'll post the last scans Monday.