Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The Learning curve.

 While cruising the aisles at the card show back home. I stumbled across the Canseco from this set. The seller then flipped to a folder with 35 of the cards from the set in it. I made an offer on the lot, but forgot the Canseco laying on the side. My bad. The set has 55 cards total. (I think).

These are the keepers (PC) from the lot. 24 out of 35 not bad. I regret forgetting the Canseco laying off to the side. Oh well. I should be hitting the road back to Valdosta in the morning so I doubt I will have a Thursday post.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Fleer Laughlin Black backs.

 As I promised here are the Black Back Laughlin's from 1971. 

Not a lot to say here.

I was able to get an even bigger stack of these. Like the blue backs, I now have plenty of dupes.  I have put a want list for the needed cards under set builds and misc.

I have another post from the Villages card show, but they are not Fleer, nor vintage. Interesting yes.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Fleer Laughlin 1970 Blue backs

 I was very happy to grab the stack of these blue backs.

I already had a bunch of these so I now have dupes.

I'll be really glad to close these Blue Backs out as well as the 71' Black backs.

Although completing these two means my next target is the elusive 67's Laughlin's (black & white).

I've got a feeling I won't find many cheap ones (the 67's) out there.

Hope enjoyed these. I'll have the 71's up tomorrow. I'll be in North Carolina, so the post might be a little later in the evening.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

1961 Fleer

 I grabbed a stack of these 61' Fleer. All had a dollar price tag on them with the exception of two ($3, $5). No dupes in the stack. Made a low ball offer on the stack and got it.

This one was priced at $1.00

Turned out I needed 15 of the 23, and of the 8 dupes all are either PC guys or upgrades. $15.00 for the lot! That's half of the asking price. 

Have a great weekend. I am heading to North Carolina next week so not sure about any posts as of right now. I figure I'll get the Laughlins blues & blacks done before I go. That will cover a couple of posts.

Vintage Fleer 2

 Going with the Quiz cards this go around. These range from 69-72. 

These are often called Tall Boys as they are a little taller than a standard baseball card.

Here you can see it next to a regular card. 

These have no official checklist as they were inserted into the packs as "stabilizers"

For me using the web page I linked yesterday, these are easy to pick apart with the exception of the 72's which are the last 4 cards here without a team logo.

I have 9 of the 72's. The rest I've already figured out which are which, so I'm good regardless of TCDB "winging it" as they reported to me. Most of the "quiz cards" are easy to identify using the link. The 69's 70's and 71's have 1 or two cards per team with either 2 or 3 questions that vary. I've made my differences and placed them in the sets according to my research. TCDB is AFU on their 71's. Their 69's is pretty good. 

Next up some more Vintage Fleer that I haven't mentioned yet.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Heavy on Fleer

 Saturday I drove back home for a card show. I was able to spend a little time with one of my daughters and my grandson. That alone made it a great trip. The Villages card show is only 3x per year usually, and I missed that first one this year. I was bummed that I missed that one as I was all set to pick up several partial 50's sets. Turned out, I didn't miss a thing. That particular seller was there this time too, and he had his partial sets in binders out. Problem.... he had quadrupled his usual pricing. That was not a good start to this show. In fact I didn't buy a ton of cards. I did manage to scoop up some vintage. Fleer out the wazzu. I'll spread these out all week and into next week.

I'll lead off with just the Braves additions.  Both Braves logo & monogram 1970 Fleer Patches.

Here we have some 1970 Fleer World series (Laughlin- blue backs). Turns out I only needed one of these to complete my Braves team needs for this set. I bought a stack of these and the 1971 Black backs too. Lots of dupes. I also grabbed a ton of the patches and quiz cards too. Fleer released these sets from 69-72.

I added two more 54' Red Man Braves and 1 53' (Pafko) who isn't in the greatest shape, but the price was reasonable for them.

A view from the back.


Vintage Fleer 1

 Kicking off with the 1969-71' Patches (cloth stickers to most of us).

That is not the same Braves pair that I posted yesterday. It is a pair for the set build. Most of these "patches" are from 69 & 70. The lone pairing for 71' is the Brewers.

The biggest problem with the 69-71 patches is that 99% of them are identical. There are a couple of exceptions where it is easily identified typically those are 69's. TCDB can't stand these as they believe that unless you are the one who opened them and know what the package said, it is too hard to figure out. I found that not to be the case. Here is a link to a website that makes it a whole lot easier.

1969-72 Fleer Tall boys and the patches  

Sunday, April 17, 2022

I forgot all about it

 Sure did, plum done went and gone and forgot about it. Not long ago I made comment on dimeboxes blog about the Clemente he had posted, and Nick said it was mine. It came Friday in a bubble mailer, and I said to myself "Nick already sent me the giveaway cards so what could this be?" Then I opened the package and was like .... oh yeah. Nick was generous as usual and sent along some company to keep Roberto out of trouble.

1975 mini. Needed it.

Braves that I needed too.

Nick threw in some PC guys as well. The Fisk card did not come that way. It was part of full page of series 10 Baseball card Magazine cards. I cut them out. Nick also sent along the series 12 insert page.

I cut them too.

Thanks Nick!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Tim Tebow and Tom Brady

 What do these two guys have in common? 1) at one point both were NFL QB's for NE, one is now a TE. 2) they both play for Florida teams. 3) both are fairly decent fellas.   4) They are both in the scans below.

My guess after Brady first announced his retirement a lot of dealers scrounged up every Brady they could find. With him un-retiring they had to dump them so I scoops up some Buc's. Now for that Mosaic, WTF were they thinking with that large head?

Let's do some young bucks

Along with those PC guys I obtained at a dime a piece, I was able to "prospect" a bit. Something I don't do, but when they a dime a piece not to mention if they're "hot" I probably already have a box for them.

Take for instance these two young bucks. Sure the Hank guy has a few years on that Acuna fella. That's right, Acuna....not Trevor Rogers (although he is one of those up & comers). No, the "Acuna" fits into my Cameo Braves or as I used to call them back in the day.....Background Braves.

I know a few of these guys have been around for a few years (a bit more with Pettitte) but they go into that box I mentioned earlier.

Surely, you didn't think I was going to leave those TSCC in the box. Just wait, there's more.


At a dime a piece I can afford to prospect this way. I like it. Cheap cheap cheap. 

That was the last of the dime cards. I did grab, some other cards mostly NOT baseball, and will show them tomorrow night.