Wednesday, August 31, 2022

August card show. VINTAGE!!!! FREE cards

 I hope to be heading to Jacksonville on Saturday for the September card show. Hoping its a good one as this is my birth month. 

First up is a monster box that cost me a whopping $20.00. That is actually higher than what I would like to pay (I like 10 bucks). I know I paid 50 each for a pair a month or two ago, but still I like a ten spot. The under side of the lid says .25 each of 6 for a $1.00. Bulk deals too! I pulled up a chair and grabbed a stack, and out of the first handful I pulled a dozen or so. I then read the lid (the last part out loud) and the seller/dealer said you want the whole box. I said "that depends on how much it is". He then said $20.00. I said deal put the lid on the box paid him and took it to my vehicle.

Inside were split evenly with baseball, basketball, and football. I again gave the non baseball to that 12 year old. Now for the baseball, nothing amazing just some high end cards, parallels, and refractors. Definitely worth the money. I even pulled a game used card, oh and every card was a star player (even the BKB and FB). I didn't scan after the last show was full of stuff like that.  Let's move on.

That is a tall stack of 1994 Bowman's Best, I pulled these out of a dime box that my buddy Fred had. I didn't look at them, I just grabbed that whole section.  In the end they probably cost me a penny or two a piece. However, once I got them home and was going to sort them I found they were all Braves! Three different Braves, yeah that whole stack other than maybe four or five that were not. OOPS, well they are sitting in one of my Braves dupe boxes.

Now let us get to the good stuff.

A pair of T206 cards, knocking that yearly goal out.  I got a great deal on the pair, $60.00 for both. At this rate it will only take me 2000 years to complete the master set. LOL.

I pulled a bunch of 65's for my set build. Not as nice as I would have liked. Unlike the 71's below.

The Sutton was the biggest name I bought, but pay attention the numbers. 

Super sweet condition (less 1) and high numbers galore. 

Some pretty nice 72's also, check those numbers.

I didn't get much of a break with these, so I won't be buying much else from this particular dealer again.

I'll pause here save some for tomorrow.

Frees card giveaway follow this blog (on sidebar), e-mail me your address if I don't already have it and comment below.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

All over the place (CONTEST)

Just a few scans left from the last ComC order. Not Bowman, they are other Topps products. Braves yes. Then mix in a few cards from others.

The middle row consists of the final 3 cards needed from this years Heritage SP/high numbers. Another Acuna Holiday variation.

A bunch of minis from A&G parallells (other than Deion....he is the base SP miniand the Glavine X) and some Topps 206 parallels.

Some 2022 inserts and Topps exclusive garbage um I mean scam,  um I mean higher priced stuff that by waiting I got for cheap.

Now here are a couple of cards from fellow OCTer Bob D.

While I'm at it with these Post Cereal cut outs I might as well add another pair of cards. But first, the FORWARD: Last week Mark (San Jose Fuji) posted about a card of/from Kit Young cards. They are a card shop in San Diego and I have been buying from them since the mid 90's. They used to mail out an awesome mail order catalogue, not anymore but that is not the point. I used to order from each book they sent, and back 3 weeks before Mickey Mantle passed away I ordered 17 of his main playing day cards. Not the 52' Topps, but there was a 51' Bowman in that lot. I did the bad thing of selling or trading them away after his death (I was worried because they didn't show until a week after he passed). Buy/Trade ratio was 50/50. I regret that now. I wasn't player collecting then, just know a deal when I seen one and I cleaned up the Micks'.

I have yet to replace all of them now that I do Player Collect and Set build, which means I need two of each. That is sticky ground there. I probably have 4 or 5 of the replacements now 24 years later. Anyways, gettign way off track, but that is what was on my mind the very day Fuji posted about Kit Young, in fact I went online that day and spotted a couple of Micks' I wanted before he posted, and I was going to (and did) call in the order to get a better price, yep if you don't ask then it is always NO which doesn't hurt anything. But when you get a yes, you save some bucks.

I guess I've gabbed long enough to make you want to see what I got. The cards came in last Friday.

That was really fast shipping which was FREE.

Yes, they are the same card although there is a variation of this card with the ad back). I made an offer for one of those on ComC, but not looking good to get it. I know that corner is missing and I am not real happy about that. But I got $10.00 off for that, see when you ask. I also got $5.00 off the other card too. And before anyone asks, I need both cards. Set build and PC. With the biggy (or at least 1 of them) out of the way I might push on this set build.

I've now cleaned out my scanned cards with the exception of the August Card Show which will finish up this week as I head to Jax again Saturday or at least hope too. I also got a Medium flat rate box of cards from Mark (see how all that ties in) last night 6pm. Inside were 7 separate packages from Mark. It made me all giddy. I knew he was sending me "A" package, but dang it was like getting a box order from Sport Lots. I have to go through those and then do some scanning. Thank you Mark.

Now reminder that I have a baseball card giveaway (usually 9 cards) on every post. Just follow the blog and then comment (by midnight EST) to enter winner announced on the following post.

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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Ahh, the last Bowman exclusive post for a little while. Freebies inside.

 It took awhile to get through them, but we have made to the last Bowman exclusive post for a little while. 

Last night free card winner was: New follower RJ (please send your address)

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Just follow this blog and comment before midnight EST to enter for more FREE super star baseball cards.

Now let's wrap up these Bowman Braves.

The four Heyward rookies (including the auto) worth mentioning here.

There we go, ahh finished. 

Friday, August 26, 2022

The Daily FREE baseball cards! My Braves Bowman Run: part 1 of 2

 I have put a major dent in my Braves needs this year. The most recent has been a slew of Bowman. I currently have another ComC order that should be shipped by Sept 1, and I have another nice inventory waiting the arrival of the the one processing now. That one is 95% Braves scattered from all of my Braves want lists. I figured a way to to knock them down quickly by having my Sportlots page open and the Comc. I ran down the lists plugging in the year brand and player name rather than by individual card numbers on both sites. Normally that would have taken me a year or two to check each needed Braves card. Check SL first to see if I could get it for .18 (BTW I have a huge order (1K+) getting ready to ship there, and another 600+ in my cart now). I was blown away that I hit every Braves card on my individual lists and I mean every single base card or parallel. Inserts are a different animal that in no way going to try to figure that out. Anyways, I checked every need over a 2 week period, so big dent. Of course I didn't buy every card I need, if it wasn't a deal I wasn't buying. But still this year I've knocked off several thousand needs and that is a big deal. Most of what I need now are parallels, in fact I have my flagship Topps & flagship Bowman runs near COMPLETE (that isn't all of the off shoot sets). I'll put up a post either at years end or the beginning of the New Year regarding those remaining needs.

Let's start this 2 day run of Bowman Braves.

Those are not duplicates. The one of the left is the "White" parallel and the one of the right is the base card. Yeah, and I thought I had seen all of the stupid parallels already. This one has to be the dumbest idea at HQ.

The Lofton refractor sure scanned nicely.

Another Pache auto on the cheap.

This is a real good example of why I dislike modern Bowman products.

BC, BCP, BCPP, BD, BDPP, etc.  frigging too much. Makes me lose my mind hence my attempt to get the bulk of them done and over with permanently.

Feels good to know that Monday will be the last Bowman post for awhile (not including the SL orders) LOL. I still have 3 scans of other Topps brands from that last  ComC order that I'll mix in with other cards from traders. But then.....I get to start the cards from the last card show.

Due to my screw up the other day with the FREE cards tonight will be the last night I show them. You will just have to be surprised to what you win. Simple rules be a follower of this blog and comment. I randomize 3x to get the winner.

There ya go. Now the winner from last night:

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You have randomized this list 3 times.  John Sharp

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Do you believe? Free stuff

Okay, I screwed up do you believe that? I uploaded the same scan for the free cards two days in a row. Diamond King you did not win the cards pictured, and you didn't get that Fingers you wanted (it went out the day before).  I apologize totally my bad. TDK you'll get the cards that I should have posted.  

You certainly should believe, because I am no where near finished with the Bowman pick ups. 

All of the above are MORE Bowman mini's.  No idea why they weren't with the last batch of mini's. Let's move on to other Bowman cards. Let's say a little more higher end.

Bowman Sterling.

The refractors really pop.

That puts a nice little dent in the Braves Sterling needs (other than the parallels).

I also slipped a Bowman's Best in the last scan. I have 2 more full scans of Bowman and even then that doesn't cover the ComC order. 

Here is tonight's free cards. Yes, I double checked to make sure I am back on track. 

Okay now the winner from last night's  mis scanned free cards is TDK obviously with my opening on this post we already know.

There were 4 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. tdk
  2. sharp
  3. bo
  4. derek

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The Diamond King. Again I apologize for messing up the scans. I can't believe no one caught the same cards two days in a row.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

I really don't like Bowman plus the FREE stuff!

 You would never know that I am not a fan of Bowman. Let me be a little more specific. I don't like modern Bowman. Vintage Bowman is a-okay. But when they came out with the Bowman Chrome I knew then yuk, then you throw in all the crazy jibber jabber crap they started putting out shortly after that. UGH! 

Like I said you would never know that I dislike the brand especially after looking at this post and the next few. The cards above are all 2013 mini's. As is every card in this post including the last card which is slighter larger than these, but for a reason.

A batch of refractors. In case you hadn't noticed, these are all Braves so I need them. I have to have them.




Gold, I think, maybe they are Orange, but I think gold.

These are black refractors, definitely Orange, and red refractors.

The last card is one of the cream of the crop minis, but it is slightly larger than the others. I'm just putting this out there.... I don't like modern Bowman. They maybe nice and shiny, but way overboard. 

Here are tonight's free cards.

Last night's winner was?

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