Monday, September 29, 2014

A Monday "mini"

I absolutely have a lot of different odd ball "mini collections". One of those (rather three) are my Birthday Binders. One for my birthdate 9/16, one for my daughter Christy 2/25, and one for my daughter Hunter 1/30. In the most recent Just Commons order I picked up a few, with plans on doing an entire order of nothing but.

That middle row is just amazing!. I already expressed hoow I feel about the 1990 Donruss baseball's Best issue. That Blue is my favorite color. The real winner of that row is the Candian Greats 1985 Leaf card, sweet. Also giving note to the top right Raines card, still need another one as that is a "Bunting" card.

These 18 all hit the 9/16 Binder.  I probably should have posted that Binder a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't. We can look forward to 2015 for those Monday mini's to be posted as a whole (probably spread them out over each Monday of January, February, and September.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Just Common" ly filling in some gaps

Previously, I had mention about a 200 card order that I placed with Just Commons. I got them in yesterday. As much as I would like to show all of them today, I am not. But you will still get to see many of them.

Just showing 9 of these 1985 Leaf. This team set is now down to just one #222.  I even managed to grab an extra Washington Leaf DK for the Diamond Kings Binder that I am building and will scan those up soon as this order came with close to fifty of them. Put a big dent in that binder for sure, again that is for another post.

Again, just showing 9 of these 1996 Donruss. Still need four more for this team set (131, 288, 298, 468). Not Donruss' best design. I have one DK 15 Maddux, for the team set, but still need another for the DK Binder.

Picked up nearly the whole team set (1995 Donruss), but still need #54, and (2) DK 22. Nice spin on the Rated Rookie cards, it's different anyway. I actually prefer the traditional Rated Rookie "logo".

Grabbed those three 1985 Donruss to get that set down to just one #287.  The two 1992 Studio brings that set down to just one more #137, also need the preview #8 as well.  That Glavine  "grip shot"reminds me of Ethan (Playing with my Cards). In case your reading Ethan, I hope all is well and looking brighter. 1994 Donruss set is now down to two #s 453, 613.

As much as I dislike the base 1990 Donruss set, I absolutely love these Donruss Baseball's Best from 1990, and this is now completed!

Three Golds!  Knocked one more off the 1981 Donruss set, now down to three more cards. The 1983 Donruss set is now completed with the four cards above. 1984 Donruss is down to just 4 more.

Some Topps Opening Day goodness from 2011 completing the base, and grabbing two blue .
parallels.  Grabbed the 2 base 2013 Finest and the Freeman Refractor. When looking at the 2 Freeman cards in hand, it is hard to tell the difference, seriously. But, the Scan came out out fantastic!

2013 Gypsy Queen down to four more. 2014 Opening Day complete, plus one of the BLUEs.

I still need a slew of the 2013 A & G, base, minis, you name it.

That's a wrap.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Question.. Question.....Question.....

I recently picked up this sheet (#4 of 4) of sealed 1983 Fleer stamps on Listia. I bid way too much, but I wanted them or at least the Murphy stamp which is lined up in the first spot on the unperforated sheet. What I did not know, was it was sealed in the original package and you can not see the rest of the stamps. I needed the Murphy for my Braves needs, but what if there are more? Do I open it up and see who else is in there? Or do I leave it alone, and just be happy with the Murph? LMK....

I really like the trivia at the top of each stamp.

Normally I would not buy these $1.00 repacks. My mom needed some AAA batteries so I ran into the Dollar Tree and I DO LOOK at the cards while I am there.

This was the front card which is why I bought the pack. I knew I needed that Niekro.

I also got the Cabrera above which I also needed and didn't know it. Brave #2

Brave #3, had it.

Brave #4, had it too.

Needed this one for one of the Birthday binders.

Great card, I grew up watching  Bonds, Bonilla, and Bell (all with the Pirates- The Killer Bs) tearing up the National League. I did not know that Bonilla was a rookie for the ChiSox.

Hey, we all have this one, but Mint condition for a nickel.

This Gwynn is cool, and turns out fits in with my Gwynns, lol. Some might even put with their bat Barrels. Again, another great nickel.

Gold Winner card, and its a Rookie Trophy card too.

That odd shaped Shadow was worth the pull. For some reason, I think of Mr. Krabbs from Sponge Bob, a show that I thoroughly hated.

Minor League.

1988 insert card.

I was happy with the buck spent, not that I couldn't have done better on just commons. 12 of 19 cards were okay. Yes I only got 19 as they slipped in another one of these into the pack.

The following cards as a surprise PWE from OCTer Chuck Bosshardt.

Chen International, sorry for the horrible scan.

Awesome Pendleton card.  I needed 5 of the 6 chuck sent me.

I should have a 200+ card order coming in from Just Commons in the next day or two, will get them scanned as soon as I get them.

Later Gators!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

Okay this post will wrap up the cards scanned last week from those two tubs. I did get a few cards in from traders, and I picked up my scanner and brought it to my moms house. That will allow me to post cards that I get in.

Why is this Joe Oliver card interesting you say? Simple Blonde hair on the front of the card and black hair on the backside.

I should have rotated this card, sorry. Slippage usually makes for great cardboard!

Following with the Oliver tradition above, Frontside Mustache, backside no stache!

As kid growing up in the 70s and 80s playing baseball, I always heard about the Mendoza line. A reference to batting average above or below .200.  The card above is who I believe that reference comes from, although I am not 100% positive. Now this card shows his average slightly above the Mendoza line (pun intended).

The two tubs probably had apx. 200 of the 1991 Topps in it and several of those cards had this same mis-cut, right down the middle on the card back only. One would think that in 1991 that kind of boo boo wouldn't have been shipped out.

Some bat & ball & bat fun. My guess is that is not an easy feat.

A Batman Shadow Shot. (look at it sideways, tilt your head to the right, lol). Just wanted to see if I could make you do that. LOL!

I can just hear Brent saying, Seriously?  Not sure what had just transpired, but would love to know.

Team work. Even atheletes' need a helping hand sometimes.

Umps saas OUT!, and Clark (bubble thinks), and that's how you do it with the carefree flip of the ball.

Horsing around I am sure, why else would Sorrento be stealing second base?

Shadow shot, one legger.

A blue crab Shadow Shot. Now I am hungry and I don't like seafood.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Madness

Let us throw out there some of the more interesting scanned cards from the tubs. As with some of the other cards chosen this past week many come from 1993 Upper Deck which is just loaded with great cards with shots on the front and backs.

I like this card for a couple of reasons: 1) a signing shot 2) look at the shadow and all of those fans hands just waiting to get something signed. SWEET!  Just try to name that shadow.

Yes, its Eddie Murray. Glove closed, ball not in it, look between his cleats. Almost looks like he caught it between the shoes. LOL.

Nothing like Lasorda showing you how to grip the ball, sort of..

That looks more like a stick and not a bat. What do you think?

Throwback pitcher with a bat.

Okay, its just another football. Backside hits the binders too.

I often tell myself I am going to keep the juggling cards, I really mean to start. Here is one but no balls, Gatorade cups.

That is the nicest pair of legs I've seen on a baseball card, wish I could pan to the right.

Okay here we have Sheffield gripping the ball as if he is a pitcher, and have Doc pretending to be a hitter. Backdrop is pretty neat as well.

Front & backside of this card tells the story.  The backside has the first pic of Morandini disagreeing with the umpire. The front of the card is the second shot.

For someone 5' 9" 10" ish Casey could get up there eh?

These two cards have three back to back to back shots of the same play. First Manwaring sliding into home. (love the catcher vs. catcher shot too) Again the backside of the Carter card has the first pic, and the front has the final shot of the play. I will agree here the right shot for the card front.

A couple of Apples. Not your everyday cardboard for sure.

Yep Jim makes the blog with that Peace sign (I see a microphone too), the backside lands this card firmly in my binders too!


Here's another card that is NOT a multi-exposure, but is still going to land in that binder.  I really wish those shadows were much darker. Would made this card even more Lethal (pun intended).

The Wild Thang horses around almost much as Roger McDowell, almost. Of course this is a real warm up practice. Check out those thick rubber bottomed high-tops, they go well with the toboggan.


I'm not sure if I have ever posted this card before so here it is. Obviously cutting up for the camera, but still a funny shot with the bat off of second base.

No, its not that this card is an "At the Wall" shot. It is the SHADOW!   Looks like a BEAR doing a HANDSTAND.

Some T-shirt Tributes. I wonder if McDowell had the shirt made, or if there really was a few of these around the clubhouse for those players who need educated by Tommy. I may consider adding these T-shirt cards to my binders in the future. Not right now, but they do make for interesting card posts.

That is enough for today, like I said that 1993 Upper Deck is loaded with gold for the "mini collector"