Tuesday, November 28, 2017


What is scarce? My posting will be due to the following:

When I ran home a couple weeks back I brought back about half of the Player Collection boxes that need to be sorted and well it's a very long sorting process:

1 step) Sort in groups alphabetically by last name A-D, E-L, M-R, S-Z.

2 step) Sort by player alphabetically by last name.

3 step) Sort each player's cards by year.

4 step ) Sort each year of a player's cards by Brand and Set.

5 step) Check the excel spreadsheet to see if I need it. Throw those not needed into a PC trade box.

6 step) Once done checking if it is a needed card, enter it into the database.

7 step) After entered in DB, redo the PC binder for that player so that the cards are in order, ugh!

8 step) Put binder back on shelf and move to the next player.

JUST NUTS.  OCD at it's worst right there folks.

Needless to say I will be "sorting" of sorts in the coming months with only a random post here and there.   Oh and I forgot step 9.......Update the PC list on my webpage, lol.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

D&A pick ups

More recent pick ups here. This time from Dave and Adams.

For some reason I pulled the trigger on this set. They are all PC guys.

I grabbed a box of 2016 Donruss Jumbo packs (12) 30 cards each pack= 360 cards.
I'm down to handful of DKs left for the set build and the DK base set. If you have extra DK's check my DK want list and my set build list       :).

I also grabbed a jumbo box of 2015.

That's a wrap for tonight.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Recent pick ups

Recently I ordered some cards from here and there. tonight I will highlight a few from Just Commons, but before I do I want to shout out to Tom from Angels in Order who sent me some set build needs that I've already checked off and put in the box with the other set build needs that will one day make it to Ocala and placed with the hundreds of other boxes awaiting to put in their proper places......one day...... Tom, Thanks for the care package.

These are all supposed to be base cards, with all of the different parallel colors why wouldn't these be the same color?  No clue here. But the base Fire Braves team set is done.

Grabbed up all of the Braves 52 reprint cards except for four cards (#'s 33 Spahn, 289 Holmes, 302 Surkont, and 407 Eddie Mathews).  JC didn't have the Holmes, and the other 3 were more than I wanted to pay especially Spahn and Mathews.  In all I grabbed 138 cards most of which were the Update cards I needed.

I guess I had an urge to get the reprints after landing my first few original Braves 52's (2 of which came from Matt over at BWTP). It is nice seeing those Braves all together like that.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Last of the Mohicans

No baseball cards today. Just spent a couple of hours on COMC though.  Today, figuring most are home I'm posting early. My first stop at the show was to one of my go to guys (especially for non-sports vintage stuff). He is also the one I grabbed the Update from. he usually pulls out whatever he is looking for and throws the rest in a box when it comes to new baseball product.

How about some 1967 Planet of the Apes. I don't have a list (One day I will), but I always grab up whatever he has.

Stickers, yeah. Pretty girls, yeah.  Same guy I bought those set off of before too.

Birth year: 1966 Batman: RED.

BLACK BATS TOO! I always grab up these too, again no list....yet.

Vintage President. I haven't researched this card yet to see what year. Okay, I just did 1958, they have em on COMC, lol.

Will close out with these Look n See cards.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

More from the card show

This group of cards are all PC guys, just not the vintage kind.

All of tonight's cards came from 2 vendors.

I'm pretty sure I overpaid for all of them.

They either cost .50 or a buck each. Now that Roy Face card was a good deal. It is a certified autograph, just the autograph is faded big time. It shows better here scanned than in hand. I love those National trading card day cards too (for some reason).

All a buck each. You can tell 7 of the 9 are Samples.

Love it when they are stamped samples on the back too.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

The last from this show is tomorrow....... And it ain't baseball cards...........mmmmh what?

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

No sense hiding them.

One of the BEST deals if not the best deal of the entire card show happened a good 3 hours into the show.

And happened by chance because I was way done hitting up my go to vendors and I didn't really feel like driving back to Valdosta yet.

So I was putzing along from table to table thumbing around.


I seen one of the regular dealers with some binders on the table with a handwritten sign .25 each.

Not the binders of course, but the cards inside. After perusing the first 4 and ehh, I realized the bottom one was opened up and was Kellogg's....All Kellogg's.

Yep, I grabbed the whole darn book and handed it to the dealer (whom I have purchased from in the past). He was shaking his head at me (with a grin). After all, they do know me pretty well, he said that's been my best seller all day long.

I asked how much for the whole binder. he quickly thumbed through counting the pages not looking at players and said $Give me $25.  DONE!

I wished I had been at that table first, so NONE would be missing.

Apparently it started with every complete set.

In case you haven't figured it out yet I am going backwards.

Notice how crisp these are.

I did remove the 81 set out before scanning as I recently posted about opening a sealed factory set.

These are almost as good of condition too.

Almost as good. LOL.

Yeah, still some big names and a lot of them too.

Lots of them.

Just look at these babies.

Without a doubt, my best deal of the day.

So yeah the early 70's were gone by the time I made my way to that table (3 hours late).

But can you believe UNcracked 70's Kellogg's for what turned out to be .085 cents a piece. I did throw a couple in my Braves team builds too and you've already seen them.