Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Meely Pops: part two....The Other Braves

 Time to get on to the non Topps Braves cards.

In this first scan there are cards that I definitely knew I didn't need or at least thought I didn't. I just wanted them anyway. I will run the numbers at the end again.

Same goes for the other two scans so let's check them out.

Here we go: 24 cards scanned above. I didn't need 10 of them. I can use three of those dupes. The Strider Capstone (which I knew) for his PC but I actually think I have a few of them already. I hope the recovery goes extremely well it is his 2nd time. My brother isn't a fan. I however am. 
The Gold Kimbrel is also for the PC, but that might wind up a dupe there too, who knows. The last one is the EEE auto for a mini collection/frankenset.

Not as good as last night 17 of 24 aren't hitting the dupes boxes at least for now. But it was still pretty close to it. I know this. There are 32 cards of 44 cards scanned so far that were good choices. Add in the purposeful Strider and I am back at 75% good calls.

Have a great night everyone!

Monday, April 29, 2024

Meely Pops: part 1

 I apologize for skipping a couple of posts, just didn't feel like posting. In fact I am heading out of town next week and will skip a few more as well. With that said I had went to Gainesville (Home of the Gators) last week and stopped in to one of the two Meely Pops card shops. I really don't go that often once twice a year as there really isn't the kind of deals that get my blood pumping. That isn't to say I don't buy anything. I do like lending a hand to LCS brick & mortar shops. This trip I spent a whopping $20.00. I broke the handful of cards into 3 groups and will post as such this week. No high end cards here obviously. I pulled a dozen dime cards and the rest came out of the .50 boxes which are the predominant selection of singles in this store.

Here we have a smattering of Braves from the 1993 Rockies edition Topps (and a couple more below).

I had no idea whether or not I needed any of the Braves cards that I bought.

That is the Braves Topps brand cards that I picked up. Now let's see how many of them I actually needed.

1993 Topps: I needed all of them which is awesome as I did have several already. Those were the dime cards that I bought (11 of them anyway). I still need roughly half of the Braves team.

2010 Topps Chrome refractors: I needed the Hicks. 

2012 Topps Update Gold Sparkle: nope....didn't need it.

2012 Topps Chrome purple. nope again.

2023 Topps Chrome Pink: nope (now I can use them though maybe (the Olson PC and possibly the Pink collection).  

2023 Topps Chrome Sepia: needed the Albies.

End result of the above definitely 13/20 were Braves team set needs and 1 possible PC need and 1 maybe 2 mini collection needs. So 15 of the 20 cards shown tonight fall into the PLUS column and 5 straight to the dupes boxes.

Have a great night. tomorrow I'll bring on the rest of the Braves.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

This is a first for me.

 Like the title says....this is a first for me. 

Many of you know that I am building the Panini Chronicles sets.....basically all of them going back to the first one in 2017.

One of the things that me it near impossible to actually complete an entire year of all of the different brands is that there is usually 1 or 2 of the brands that are 60-100 cards in them. And they would be considered SP's in a normal set making it so difficult and obviously expensive.

This America's Pastime set is from the 2021 set. Back then I was buying the value boxes once they went on sale. That way I got a whole lot of cards on the cheap versus buying packs or blasters. I remember getting a bunch of those value boxes from Panini and other online dealers for dirt cheap. That ended in 2021 because the 2022 boxes never got discounted like that and so far the 2023 haven't either.

I did have 71% of this hundred card set already when I seen a Sports Lot auction for the complete set a couple of weeks back. It was on the third day and I placed a bid. I got outbid once so I bid again and after three days I won the lot for $21.00. Shipping was $12.99, but that was okay. 


Now I have dupes that many will go into the PC's. This is the first of those big sets that I have completed from any of the years. Spectra and Obsidian are two more of the larger sets as is the Revolution set. 

I hope to one day find some 9 pocket pages that handle the extra thick cards. For now these are sitting on the appropriate book shelf in a 700ct box. That is how thick they are.

As for the cards themselves.....they are ugly and really don't do much for me.

It would be great to catch some of those other larger brands in complete set for the cheap. We'll see as I continue to check the Sport Lots auction for deals.

Card #100 was awarded to Ryne Sandberg.

Not a super big deal but this brand being completed was not something that I had high hopes of completing so I am pleased with the purchase.

A few incoming

 I still have a few more incoming packages to get posted here.

These are Dover reprints from GCC. These I am pretty sure I need. Gotta love any Babe Ruth Braves cards reprint or not. These are about half of John sent, I still need to identify the reprint year on the others. Thanks John.

Now this is not a reprint. It is the last Braves card that I needed for my 51' Topps. Now TCDB lists this as a Hartfield card and not a Braves card. I count it as the variation of the Braves card #52. Fuji won this on Ebay and had the seller send it directly to me. It was in a PSA graded case, but I wasted no time popping it out of that prison.  Thanks Mark.

The above batch came from a recent trade with Bo. Half of these were upgrades and the other half are now haves that need to be upgraded. It is obvious which are which. Thanks Bo.

This should clear out the incoming file for a little while. 

Monday, April 22, 2024

1966 Batman: Red Bats with puzzle pieces

 Okay made it to the last of the Batman cards. 

You see that I didn't have much for the Batman puzzle, especially not when it comes to dupes. Reminder that the puzzles are 6-10 cards each.

Missing three for the Robin puzzle. (dupes that is).

The Riddler is complete.

Needing two for Catwoman.

Half of the Penguin.

Need two for the Joker.

After showing the Batman puzzle piece for the set build this is the only two I have for the puzzle build (dupes).

I am happy to have finally put these cards into a binder. The stack of what I had had been laying around for 11 years. Moving from place to place.....not anymore.

Friday, April 19, 2024

More Batman

 We've made our way to the Topps Blue Bats. Unfortunately I only own 11 of the Topps. Odd for me to unknowingly acquire all but three of the OPC cards.

Should be pretty easy to hit the missing cards in this set.... that is if you can ever find the Topps Blue Bats in the wild. 

Next week we can look at the Red Bats and their puzzles (sort of).

Thursday, April 18, 2024

1966 Batman round two

 Picking right up where I left off yesterday with the Black Bat before moving into the well you'll see.

Okay that finishes the Black Bat portion. Now we will move into the Blue Bat portion, just NOT Topps. Nope, these are O-pee-chee Batman cards, and nearly the entire set.

I must say here that the backs are certainly different. They contain puzzle pieces.. Lots of different characters too. Each having their own puzzle ranging from 6 cards to 10 cards. With that said, I don't have any extras to put together the puzzles from the OPC set. I have however scanned the backs on the last scan so that you can see how they differ from the Black set.

There you can see the first two cards I am missing for OPC set.

Another missing card.

Missing a whopping 3 cards to complete the set. Well, unless you count the dupes needed for the puzzles.

That is a bit different although there is still a story line that you can follow. Don't be too disappointed without the puzzles here. The Topps Blue Bat set also differs on the backs from that of OPC and no puzzle at all that is until we get to the Red Bat Topps set.