Saturday, April 30, 2016

Silly Saturday

Just a few interesting cards to kick off the weekend.

Got to love the mispelling of Mark McGwires' last name.

These Sportflix sometimes don't scan very well, but at least you can see the face mask.

Stands for itself, so to speak.

Before there were intentional variation in cards, there were some that still to this day are not recognized as variations. As you can see these 3 have different colors in either the TSC logo and in the Extreme logo or better both.

Warming up the pitcher, remember doing this in little league?

I'm sorry every time I look at the back of this card I see a fish instead of the statue.  I have to look twice.

Finishing off with another Perez (he was in here last week).


Friday, April 29, 2016

Franken Friday

We are up to number 8 in the Jersey Number Franken-Set.

Okay so I put Cal in the middle. There are plenty of stars too don the number 8.

Probably should have put a couple of super stars on this page. Oh well, whenever I do get around to playing with the pages in this binder maybe..............Let's just get to #99 first.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Brushed back

A few Brush Backs for tonight.

Sometimes the card backs can be interesting.

Good night, it's late.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

Mid week and time for some wackiness. We are up to Series 6 from 1974. This set was tan back only, but had 3 different copyright variations each having both * and ** technically making there 6 variations.
There are 2 different checklists due to 2 typos. Two stickers were pulled late in production. Still the 33 stickers are fairly easy to find, although I am still missing Super Cigar Crisp, and both checklists. I do have an unopened pack, a wrapper, and the complete puzzle set.

Wrapper and unopened pack.

Mold Rush is the puzzle set. See the sticker down below.

Run A Way is one of the stickers that were pulled late in production, probably due to a cease and desist order.

Truant is the other sticker that were pulled late in production, probably due to a cease and desist order.

Which is your favorite?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


No pre-planned post tonight, therefore whipping something out of the scanned files.

1994 Topps had quite a few of these multi-exposure. Bagwell on this one makes this card a triple need (got all 3). Set build, Cameo, and Multi-Exposure.

1994 Leaf Puckett Cameo.

Another 1994 Leaf with a Birthday Binder guy.

1992 Leaf McGwire.

Another 1992 Leaf Braves card with Mr. Back Flip himself.

Seems like this first of 8 scanned weeks of Cameos are full of 1994 cards. Gary Carter.

Tony Gwynn on 1993 Upper Deck Crime Dog card.

O'Neill is a Birthday Binder guy.

Nice bang up play at the plate with Jr.