Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wacky Wednesday

Hump Day.

Happiness mixed with throwback, great card.

Super man.

Check me out!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

2019 Braves

My latest order from Cardbarrel was in Valdosta when I got back from Atlanta to drop my Uncle off before heading home to Ocala. I was in a hurry so I just took the package with me and opened it up Friday night after getting in from the hospital.

Here is what was in the CB package.

My SP's from A&G thus completing the base Braves for me..

A couple of 2019 Prizm base.  Still need the rest of the Braves (8 more).

2019 Finest. Just need #108 to complete the team set.

The Diamond Kings with Optic look so much better than the Donruss set this year. Really looks great in hand.

Sorry Ozzie, got you upside down.  That almost completes the base Braves team set. Somehow I missed Freddie #175 (base card). I'll get it next time.

Grabbed these holo Prizms, and look I didn't skip Freddie there.

A pair of purple prizms which are serial numbered this year.

A pink numbered prizm, and a "We the People" Freddie serial numbered to 76.

I've done pretty good getting my base Braves cards knocked out this year for "normal" sets. I do still need some though (besides the ones mentioned above). Haven't seen any Topps Chrome yet, but there are 10 that I will eventually scoop up, Still need two Heritage cards 489 and 500, I need 1 Gypsy Queen #311, Bowman Platinum 19, 20, 21 are needed., iception I need 4, 61, and 100., Museum need all 6 (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), pro Debut need #4, and I need all 7 Leather & Lumber as well as the 7 Museum Braves.

Have a good night.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Shaodw Shots

Heading to the hospital shortly, thought I'd get this post in first.

Vintage Shadows.

Let's see.....I'll go with an Emu.

 Chess pawn.

Y'all can take a crack at this one.

Hope you're weekend is great!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Chronicles box 2

Heading right to the cards.

Box 2:

A pair of Bryant's, Ohtani, and Bellinger. Good pack to start.

Equally as good as the first pack.

Ohtani, Harper, and Goldy work.

All five would make the PC if I wasn't building the sets.

Triple Rapture.

Chronicles box 3

I promised to move through this series quickly, not a lot of chatter or premise.

Box 3:

That Trout looks pretty good next to that Braves card which just so happns to be sitting above to other nice cards.

We have another shiny parallel card with Cano.

Give me an "A" right on Acuna's batting helmet. the rest of these cards are a go too.

Parallel in the hosue.

3 Red Rapture Revolution cards.

Chronicles box 4

As per my promise. No fooling around right to the packs.

Box 4:

A Goldy parallel.

This would be a fun chase if there were only 10 sets to build. Make them a little bigger instead of 10-25 cards each.

Hays is the lone non-PC guy.

Braves hot pack.  Plus a parallel!

Alright, our first Cosmic in the Crawford card numbered too.

Chronicles box 5

Straight at it.

Box 5:

Trout and Bryant top this pack.

Official halfway point.
Overall Panini got about 50% of the cards rather the photos used just right so that the logoess cards doesn't really matter too much. Seriously, Topps and MLB why can't Panini put the letter "C" on that Votto helmet. 

As to the point made above these 5 are pretty good.

Likewise these 5 too. A couple of numbered cards in this pack, hmm.

Rapture, the lot.

Chronicles box 6

Down right fast at it.

Box 6:

Just 1 PC guy in this first pack of the box.

Always better when an Acuna is thrown in. Although I'm getting pretty close to having all of the Braves from all sets now. Of course Acuna and Albies are 90% of them and that isn't a bad thing either.

Ichiro, Acuna, Trout, Machado would fall into the keeper category.

 3 Goodies.

Devers, Betts, and Ohtani. All Rapture.

Chronicles box 7

Bam let's do this.

Box 7:

That's a big hit Ohtani. Numbered to 10!

3 of the 5 would be keepers.

The pair at the top are the best from this pack.

Just like a lot of these packs a pair of 1 dude, which is A-Okay when that dude is Ohtani.

'Rapping" up this box with 3 more Rapture Revolution.

Chronicles box 8

Again, getting right at it.

Box 8:

As far as PC guys go, this wasn't a great pack.

A shiny Score in the mix.

All would be keeper guys!

A pair of Braves kids.

3 More Rapture.

The Chronicles of Chronicles

Not Narnia for sure. Before I explain this series. Let me say My daughter and grandson are doing fine. He's a little tyke 6 lbs 12 ounces and 18 inches. Now, After, busting all of those 2019 Stadium Clubs, i still had an itch to rip packs. I knew I didn't want to break my rules about current product (again). So, I watched and waited on Dave & Adams to put something cheap enough to get a lot. It was 2018 Chronicles. I grabbed these.

Nine boxes of the stuff.  It wasn't a huge sale $7.95 a box when grabbing 3 at a time.

I'll first post each box. Then we can see pack by pack what I got.  Each box offers four 5 card packs plus a 3 card Revolution pack. Then after the 9 boxes are all done (9 separate posts) I'll "chronicle the highlights of them all.

Here we go:

Box 1).

All PC guys I can live with that.

4 More PC guys, and a serial numbered parallel.

Obviously the pair of Albies are keepers (I going to attempt to build all of the sets except for Spectra) so the base are all keepers. Frazier is a guy I throw into a box and maybe one day will add to the PC.

3 Keepers plus another Frazier. Again, they are all really keepers, but If I wasn't building the individual sets.......

All base (Rapture) Revolution.