Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More Big Deal Braves

Hopefully everyone had a safe and Happy Memorial Day.

Here are the next batch of Braves. (There are several more Braves). Pretty soon I will be forced to look at the binder guys for the PC, but for now let's look at some Horizontal beauties.

Some nice sideways Maddux cards/ inserts.

Monday, May 30, 2016

2 more sets DONE!

Thanks are extended to Georgia Boy Tee Tyson. Who knocks out 2 more sets with these killers.

Yeah, 1991 Topps done!

1987 Donruss done too.

Tee also sent along the O'Neill for the 19961 Fleer set bringing that set down to just one more card.

Thanks Tee!

Friday, May 27, 2016

More Big Deal Braves (Don't read til Sunday, lol)

I am heading out for the holiday weekend, and I'm not taking my digital devices, so here it is.

Up for round 2 of the NEEDED Braves.

These were the Braves minis that I needed.  I still have all of those minis from the Big Deal available....Just saying.....

I love these vintage Braves logo.

I got a ton of these which I threw away but hey why not keep a couple.

Silly Saturday (Don't read til Saturday, lol)

I am heading out for the holiday weekend, and I'm not taking my digital devices, so here it is.

Just a few interesting cards. However these are a little thematic..... Finger Gestures........

There will be a few more thematic Saturdays in the future.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Franken Friday

Another week and another number. 11

Had to mark the center with a Brave.

Have a great SAFE holiday weekend.

Big Deal Braves

Finally, made it to some of the Braves that I pulled AND needed for the team collection.

Love this card.


A nice high end shiny die-cut of HOFer John Smoltz.

A triple of UD needs for the team set.  I got a ton of this set which helps tremendously with the set builds.

A pair of Heyward inserts.  Hopefully those ribs are doing okay bud!

Wrapping up tonight with this very chromey Folty.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wacky Wednesday 1980 Re-Runs 3rd series

Topps released 4 Re-Run sets (1979-1980), making one larger set. Each series had 66 titles and numbering went from 1-66 for Series 1, then 67-132,  then 133-198, and finally 199-264. I only have 20 of the 66 stickers for Series 3 Re-Runs, but I do have an unopened pack..

The price went up on the series 3 to .25 per pack.  Apparently there is one variation sticker Heavy Trash Bags, with and without a tagline. Also noting the print quality was not as good with this re-run as the previous 2 series.