Friday, October 31, 2014

Franken Friday

Another week has come and gone. Which brings us to my Franken-Set Binder which is made up 100% from Braves cards that are duplicates + (they may also appear in the mini collections as well).

I do NOT swap out the cards, once that number slot is filled the card is a permanent resident in that slot. Earlier in the year I made mention that I was considering doing a second Franken-Set, but that has now changed as I have decided to part with some of the duplicate Braves cards (I have apx 10K) that I have in the upcoming card dump.  I have limited my Franken-Set to the 800s to keep it manageable. With that said lets look at the next three days.

PAGE 49: 9/9  COMPLETED Numbers 433-441

Great mix which the exception of the dupe Fleer set, but I can live with that. After all, it is the Mad Hungarian and a Miller.

PAGE 50: 8/9  Numbers 442-450

Awesome mix, players, brands, and sets. Just needs number 449.

PAGE 51: 9/9 COMPLETED Numbers 451-459

Perfect mix of players brands and sets.  I like the fact that this page has a vintage 73 and also sports (pun intended) a bunt card.

Enjoy the weekend

Thursday, October 30, 2014

What happened?

The last post had nearly 2 dozen more players that was there when I saved that post before publishing it. I guess I will reload them here.

Anothiny Tony, close enough.

His counterpart Shawn Green, got one somewhere.

These two plus the comedian/actor who used to date Drew Barrymore.

That works.

Uh Duh and yes I have a Jr. Probably need to pull one from his resting spot in the HOF binders.

Another one father/son. I'm sure I have dad too.

Counterpart actor/comedian.

Gotcha! Brian Hunter had a counterpart that I have to pull one out of my Braves doubles. BTW, when I do the card dump BRAVES will be included. Just saying.

Catfish Jim Hunter.

The counterpart, another duh the basketball player.  Dont have one.

We all know who another MJ is, and yes I have one but it is in a complete set, guess I need to get a dupe.

Counterpart the actor best known for his role in Miami Vice as Sonny Crockett.

Another baseballer  probably better know as a MLB manager, but he comes to mind as a Brave and also a birthday binder guy. I have one for this binder just need to to get around to grabbing one.

The hotel.

Counterpart: the football Coach and Analyst.

Counterpart: Magic

Again my laziness here.  We all know the counterpart.

Lets try this again to see if they load this time.

More of the Name Game

Picking up where we left off previously on the Name Game, with a few last minute updates thrown in.

This Danny also played a little Basketball, although I gave nearly all of my basketball cards away. I am pretty sure I can get one of these back in the future, so no biggie.....I will get one.

(Edit) I forgot to scan the two Sandy Alomars. Oh well, maybe next year.....just kidding I will get them in there before we make it to the Ys.

Here is one I totally forgot about. His counterpart would be the comedian/actor most notorious for his role in "Oh God"  I should be able to round up a card of him.

Just one of many father/sons in Sports that share their namesake. I do have the dad sporting those nifty Astros uniform in my boxes and will be sure to pull one before doing the card dump.

Thursday Thanks!

The other day I dropped by my house to grab the mail and found a surprise in the mailbox. It hailed from DefGav (Baseball Card Breakdown). Gavin was sending me some return fire (stuffed bubble mailer) for a couple of 2001 Archives I sent him. Inside the package were three fat team bags loaded with Braves and one "special" card that you will have to wait until another day to see that one. Let's take a look see at the cards that "HIT" my want lists.

The first of several Chippers I needed. I need a lot because back in the beginning of this millennium, I had given ALL of my Chippers to a second cousin (female) of mine who had a total crush on him. so my Braves collection is rather weak when it comes to Chipper.

A gold parallel, always a blessing.

The scan looks like a parallel, but it was just the base which I needed. Man that card looks pretty cool in this scan.

Here's another Chipper which I certainly could use another one of these for my "Flag/Patriotic" mini collection.

I believe this is version A, now I need version B.

A trio of 2014 including that purple parallel BP1. BTW, those two base complete the base team set, Thank you much.

Another Chipper!

Murph! I really liked the Greats of the Game sets even though they for the most part are boring, but the player selection is nice. I also like the card stock, great quality and the simplicity of the design just makes the cards seem "cleaner".

I could use another one of these too for that Flagish binder.

Oh look! Another Chipper. I am HUGE fan of Ovation. The first set was the best and hooked me immediately.

A pair of Showcase. Looking at the scan I just noticed a difference in the cards. Is one a parallel? There are parallels for this set, but I couldn't figure out if one of the above (I would guess the James) is one or not. Looks like that in hand as well.

This Chrome goodness is a Refractor.

Another gold border. Love the extra thick card stock too.

A lil Druw.

Gavin sent several 2000 Bowman's that I needed like that Chipper!

Welcome was these two parallels.

Finishing off the 2000 Bowman's with that 4 pack. But Gavin didn't stop hitting the want list there.

TWO inserts, oh is that another Chipper, yep.

Silver signature in the middle with a nice "centered" Glavine on the bottom.

Closing out with another Chipper, but not just any Chipper. I need another one of these because the backside photo has Chipper blowing a bubble........One of if not my favorite "mini collection".