Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A few pick ups

Awhile back I got a few cards and scanned them to Braves Misc.

This would also qualify for for the "Less than a Lincoln" aka The Lincoln Files.

The box topper came as a trade and was originally to include the 2015 box topper with Freeman, and that one also highlighted the Braves on the backside, but he decided he didn't want to let it go for the Braves team set (minus 2 cards), so I went ahead and agreed just to get it done. I say this because the last time I was in a trade with this person, it took 6 months. BTW, the 2015 topper didn have Kershaw on it, and I imagine that is the reason he was being a stickler. But, oh well. It's supposed to be fun right?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Short post

Yesterday I got a package from AJ (the lost collector).

Don't be fooled, this is Super sized card. One of the 8x10s. Back in the day I had all of the Braves and then some. Now I have this one.

AJ sent along a couple for the Maddux binder too.

And a certified autograph.  Thanks AJ!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A box from Bo

A few weeks back Bo sent a box of cards loaded with cards for my collection.  Bo sent cards for the Birthday binders, Falcons, Buccaneers, and several other mini collections, but of course he sent Braves.

How cool is that Glavine card (Top row, right) from Triple Play.

Filling in some gaps.

Still filling in the gaps!

Lots of Ultra!

In 1998 I busted many boxes of the Fleer Tradition, had several sets, that I gave away/ got rid of. It is good to get some of them back. Oh look a Pitcher at the plate, and it looks like he just hit a dinger! This is also the first year Fleer used their high end technology (LOL) on their base set.  You know it, look... as if you were looking at Ultra. I didn't care much for the gold foil as it was very difficult to see some of the names, but otherwise a great set.

If I would of just kept all of those 93 Select Jeters', LOL.

Pinnacle fillers.

I could go on and on, as Bo sent 500+ cards, thanks Bo!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Last night here

Tonight is the last night for me here at my moms house. Tomorrow I return home. It will feel great to be back home, although if I could...... You know.

Lets talk cards. In recent weeks I received a few trade packages. Tonight we are showing off some from Brian (Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary).

Brian sent quite a few from my want lists.

More goodies, but wait the best is yet to come.

How about some refractor colors.

YELLOW!!!! And this one is numbered 10/10!.

brian topped off the package with this one, which I don't know what it is. A little help here please. Looks like a team issue card but I don't know, either way it is super cool, and the only thing like it in my collection.

Next post up will be a box from Bo.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I am inching my way back. Still have a lot to do, and when I am done, I believe I am going away for a couple of weeks.

Just a simple post today.

There is no doubt, that Mr. Herr has a little regret for this pose. But, hey if you collect donuts.....

Yeah, I'm ready.

That looks like it might of hurt just a smidge.

 Uh hah, yeah just a bit too close for "comfort".

1) still weird to see him as an Indian, but more wacky because of the shades, just what is going on there.

Good thing Will the Thrill didn't miss that ball.

Ending with a chin shot.......

Sunday, April 5, 2015

1) Thank you all. 2) Easter cards. 3) Surprise package.

First let me say thank you for those condolences, it means a lot. Secondly, I am going to post what I had planned for today Easter Sunday. I have tried to occupy my mind by staying busy doing things that need to get done, but it is too much for my siblings right now. So I am trying to relax and falling back onto my cards for a break.

I have longed planned this Easter post.  It is made up of cards that have a cross worn by th eplayer. It could be the typical necklace, or an ear ring, or who knows where you find find it, that is up to you to spot them. Some will be obvious, and 1 or 2 that may not be.

These two are pretty easy to spot.

Happy Easter.

Yesterday, was a difficult day as is today. I did have one bright spot yesterday, The Prowling Cat sent a care package.

I had the Joker Glavine (which the Cat sent as well), and I didn't know about this one and apparently there is another one out there I still need for the 1992 Baseball Aces playing cards. One more down for the Team 2000, just one more to go.

Here is an insert that I had no idea existed at all.  Pretty cool "Action Shot". Looks like it might have even made the Superman binder.

That 7-11 coin/disc closes that team set out for me, thank you. Now, interestingly that 88 Topps mini sticker back card has Ozzie Virgil on the front of which I have seems like a dozen of all with different back or front. I'm not sure which is which. Anyways, this is one I didn't have. I don't remember who that Brave is, of course I can look it up, but eh.

Great card!

Two more needed for the team sets.

These last five I had already but either needed them for my Hall Worthy PC, or as the back up for those which I always keep an extra if I get one.  Thanks Again for the cards, and Thanks again for the condolences.

I will be away for awhile

My mother passed Saturday afternoon. I will not be posting anything for Thank you for your patience.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Franken Friday (My 25th in this series)

Pages 73-75. Next Friday I have a Special Franken Set Post. I have it drafted already, but next will is a better fit for it.

Page 73: 6/9

3 from the 80s including that Knucksie. Good mix of brands, and players. Now to get the last three. Waiting on them now.

Page 74: 6/9

I like teh way the top row is a 3 pack of pitchers. Who would complain about having an Aaron in your collection even like this one. Again, nice mix of players and brands/sets.

Page 75: 4/9

Yeah this one is hurting a bit, but not for long.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Trade Post #3

This box that found its way into my (mom's) mailbox yesterday, came courtesy of Ray over at "All Cardinals All the Time". Ray reached out to me recently and we did our first trade.

Every card was off of my want lists. Love the way McGriff scanned out, pretty cool muti-exposure look to it. To think I opened a case of those things back then. Couple of Maddux to boot.

Every card was off of my want lists again. Two more Maddux, 2 Glavines, and how about that Mordecai shot?

Super Sweet Smoltz.

I still defend Ultra especially the later years as being the BEST photography on cardboard. Upper Deck certainly benefited by using that technology or whatever you call it.

A couple more Glavines or should I say 4, lol.

Andruw beats Glavine 4:3. Every card was again off of my want lists.

Yep, you guessed it every card was off of my want lists. Especially these last three cards

It is so hard to tell, but that is the perforated version. Just my second perforated card from the set, which I really like this set.

A gold parallel.

And closing out with this on card auto!

Thank you Ray, can't wait to see what's in store next.