Thursday, February 29, 2024

Happy Leap Day!

 This day only comes around once every four years as well as this post.

Below are some ball players whose birthday is or was today.

I have more Al Rosen and Pepper Martin cards but they are somewhere within the PC guy boxes. I should have that all cleared up by the next Leap Year, lol.

Terrance Long just seems odd in the Mets uniform.

No shortage of Long's here (pun intended). We'll do this again in 4 years.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024


 Sorry about the temporary post I put up. That one will be for tomorrow. I normally go to Ormond on Wednesday and my brain was on a Wednesday path. I went to Ormond today Tuesday.

It is trade night! Colorado Rockies.

Now that my brain is functioning in the proper mode, I don't expect much interest in the Rockies. Still yet they are here if anyone is interested in a quick trade.

Alrighty then. What is on the table tonight?

 Sorry about the mix up last night with the posts. (I had just got back from Ormond). So I will be quick, but in reality this post is a set up for a future post to watch out for.

I grabbed the Snider autograph and the 59" Mantle from Eddie at the Feb. Jax card show. I don't buy much from him these days, but still I have know him for a decade and felt time to knock out a big name (in lesser condition of course). Eddie and I came to price and wham. It may not be purdy, but it fills a hole in the 59' set. Once upgraded (down the road) I can relocate it this one to his PC. 

Now what the heck was I leading too? Well, another buddy dealer had some "junk" he wanted unload (maybe 8 monster boxes so I took them off of his hands for $75.00 and although not something I do very often half went into the trash. The other half is good stuff, but it is football and basketball primarily. I did get a handful of keeper baseball cards out. But I am mentioning this because buying that set up a bigger deal. Doc (this dealer) from the Ormond area had bought a fancy binder (with zippers) full of 50's vintage baseball, 95% was 56' Topps. The cards range from 54-56'. I got a really great deal on the entire binder. They are not mint, and certainly no Mantles or other super stars, but there were stars in the mix. I got a handful of needs and will explain what I mean by needs when I post it. Yes, I am doing a post on basically the entire binder over 200 cards vintage doubles that before I put them in my OCT trade boxes, I figured I would see who wants to trade for them here. So be looking for a catchy post title coming soon. I was going to wait until next week, but I may just knock it out Friday (that is a hint folks).

Monday, February 26, 2024

January and February was very busy.

 January and February was a very busy month for me. I went to Jacksonville 3 days in Feb. One day was at Fred's house, the next day was at the Jacksonville Sports card shop (he hosts the shows), and the third day was for the Feb. show that was a week later than normally. I also went to that card shop in Leesburg, made to two trips over to Ormond Beach, and I went to the quarterly card show in The Villages (Jan). To top that off I started a new Franken-set (technically it is two in one) don't worry it is still in the formation period. I also started one of those Bigger projects I set once I came back home from GA. My Braves display shelves. That I gave my self 3 months to complete. Five weeks in and I did all that I can do for now (I ran out of supplies). I have to finish with years 2019-2024. That was a big deal as I had to strip all of the binders that I had of Braves, empty all of those boxes I accumulated while in GA. Comingle them together and then resort them by year then set and re-page them. Previously, my Braves were bindered by "brand". I am happy to say now they are by year. I will miss some of the pluses from the "old way", but all in all I needed to do this. I will break out the details whenever I get new supplies and finish the task complete with a few pictures.

From all of the "trips" I took I have quite a bit to get scanned and posted. Tonight I will start with The Villages card show. I only made one purchase. Rather one bundle of purchases from one seller. I bought from this guy before, never cards, but vintage sports board games.

The first thing that caught my eye was this vintage stadium giveaway. It is not in the best condition but when I asked how much he said $10.00 I had to have it.

In the glass case below the fan there was this stack of "baseball guides". On top of them was a book.

Eight stars on the cover including two Braves (Dale Murphy and Hank Aaron), throw in Ruth, Mays, Reggie, Mantle, and Schmidt.....I had to look.

That is when I realized I never heard of "Kessler". I was intrigued. I grabbed the stack.

Turns out Kessler was a distillery that made whiskey. 

Nice little run of years there. I asked how much he wanted $50.00 firm (included the books below too).

Orel is a PC guy (we share the same birthday). It's a Christian magazine, and I didn't know White Castle had a baseball almanac. Of course down here in the south Krystal's is the preferred of the two.

There was some baseball cards in this case too, and something caught my eye. You'll have to wait until the end to see what that was. I grabbed it up and put it in my stack and asked how much? He said he didn't know and would need to go ask one of the vendors who was a full time card dealer. He came back and gave me a price on that and totaled everything up so far to $100.00 A hundy, but you know me I want to feel like I got a really good deal so I told the guy he have to throw some stuff in. 

These were in one of those nicer 50 count plastic boxes. I didn't open it and figured it was complete. My brain wasn't thinking ( was definitely complete). There were actually 4 complete sets inside. I found that out after I got home and was going through the stuff. I know that I probably have the complete set for my PC guys, but I'm not 100% well I am now and in fact I can put a card in each of the guys PC's. 22 of the 24 are PC guys. So to cover myself I am putting two of these sets in the PC boxes to make sure that I have both guys covered, and one set will go into the coca-cola binders, yes I have binders of coke cards and there are a lot of card sets.

I grabbed up these two boxed sets and had the dealer throw them in too. I knwo I have some singles of Braves and PC guys, now I know I have the 1994's covered. Kraft also did a 93' set too.

Now for the baseball cards that CLOSED the deal for me. 

A complete set of 69' Deckle Edge. I have most of these cards in my PC guys, but I was also putting together a set for my 69' Topps binder. The checklist above was not in this guy's set nor was the Hoyt Wilhelm. The Jim Wynn was. Wynn is the variation, not Hoyt. I seen the set was complete with the 33 cards and the 3 key cards (SPs) were in there Rose, Mays, and Clemente. The guy came back from his dealer friend and said it was complete but no variations (I disagree). He said $40.00 and I was like DONE, let's put a fork in this and I am outta here. I knew I had the Hoyt at home, he was sitting on top of my "stack" of this set I was working on and literally would see it everyday. So now I only need the Joe Foy variation. It books between $5-12.00. The cheapest decent one on ComC tonight is $12.00. I looked up the pricing on the Rose, Mays, and Clemente on Beckett.

Pete Rose: $30-80

Willy Mays: $75-200

Roberto Clemente: $60-150.

Now I checked those out ComC too. The Rose can be had for about $10.00 in good conidition, the other two are a bit pricey even there. So considering this set is excellent condition I know I got a good deal at $40.00 on it. Very happy with the fan too. The Kessler books I could go on living without them, but I had never seen/read, or heard of them before and they kind of compliment my breweriana collection (yes I have one of those too).

There you go, very busy. 

Friday, February 23, 2024

I got my Friday back!

 Well, I will after tonight's post. The last of the current Franken-Set! I'm not sure when I will start it back up. I do have 1 (technically 2) I'm working on or was working on when I got deep into another project. I was having a blast with that one too and look forward to one day getting it scanned up and start posting it. It is still in the "data gathering" stage. So I will have to get back on that one soon and meanwhile I have no clue what I will be posting on Fridays in the meantime. I do have plenty to cover for posts for awhile so I should be good.

Here we go, the last of the 1-2-3's.

DONE!  Now an update on the bubble gum. I've looked over the weekly winners and I just don't think Bevacqua is going to get beat. You know who you voted for each week, so if want I can pull them out of the binder and have one last post to vote for the best of the best bubbles. It wouldn't be a problem, I just think Kurt has a solid position.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Incoming cards.

 I am a little behind a lot of stuff these days. I have been knocking out other projects or putting a major dent in them. Nonetheless, I need to get these out their.

I got this super cool Knucksie from Nick V. last month. Seriously how cool is it? Thanks Nick!

The scans below came courtesy of Fuji.

That Allard is a logo swap auto. How often do you get an on card auto of someone long gone.

Mark also took a chunk of needs out on my Holiday relics. Now I still have to update my want lists especially the Braves. I have about 300 or so that I need to get removed. I may get to that next week not sure if I will finish a couple of the projects that I am doing right now. We'll see.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

January Toy show: Vintage tobacco cards and vintage Disney!

 Lots of tobacco cards tonight, sorry none are baseball. There are lots of various topics. 

Yes, I know there are doubles. I grabbed everything I could out of that box.

These were on the postcard side of the show.

Now some vintage Disney cards. They are minis too.

And a Ringling Bros thrown in to boot. There are a lot more of the Disney but the pictures were the same so I didn't scan them. I got near the whole set, but positive I am missing a few.

I have finally cleared my scans (barring the few teams left for Trade Nights, and the last Franken-Set post for a while). I better scan some more stuff up by tomorrow night. No worries as I have 5 or 6 "sections" quartered off for stuff I bought in the last 6 weeks. That stuff will probably get me a dozen or more posts.