Friday, May 31, 2019

Monster Laffs

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I picked some "odd" stuff at the last show.

Well, here is some more of that, vintage style.

1963 Midgees.

These cards are apx. the size of the tobacco cards. Have a fun and safe weekend! I'm making a down and back trip home tomorrow, so there may or may not be a post.

Thursday, May 30, 2019


Back to some more nickel cards. Soon, I'll show the quarter box cards that wound up costing a lot less (.08). BTW, the 100 degree streak is over.

Shiny HOFers.

More nice black & white pics.

Who would've thought that Arod card for a nickel.

More modern day.

I love .05 Stadium club cards. Take those all day everyday.

Including the legends at a nickel a piece.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wacky Wednesday

5th straight day at 100. We cool off a little tomorrow (I think).

Three more candidates are bidding for our Hump Day Hero.  (I just made that up). Although, it wouldn't be a bad idea for a weekly poll (someone else can do) like the one Nick over at dimeboxadonia does. BTW, looks like that one is going to come down to the wire with several great choices and 2 banging real hard against each other.

Up first:

We have a shameless plug for Quench gum all over this card. I remember when this gum came out as a kid. It was really sour, but I bought and chewed it anyways. I'm not much on the sour front. I like my lemonade SWEET.

I think I must have shown this one recently as I remember thinking this guy is checking out a girl across the way.

Scope down, dive....dive.....dive.....

There you have it folks.  If you had to choose ONE winner from these three which would it be? For me the wackier the better. I'd go with the first one as it brings back a stronger childhood memory for me, albeit the last one does make the sights of Gene Garber with his totally different approach to the submarine pitch.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A Trade Post

Fourth day in a row with the temp (without the index) at 100 degrees.

I already owe CommishBob for a couple of Eddie Mathews cards. Low and behold Bob dropped some 1960 Leaf on me this past week. I'm not going to the Jacksonville card show this Saturday, but I am going to try and make the Tampa show mid month. I have the Commish's want list printed so I hope I can find something for a return.

Thanks Bob, I needed all of them.

Have a great night!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Baseball players that died while serving here and elsewhere. THE DETAILS

I found this site so interesting. Since the inception of what is considered modern baseball by the father of Baseball Mr. Cartwright (he messed with some rules of "other games" in 1846. Several ball players have died while serving in the/a military. Many from action or wounds and illnesses from serving, and others from accident or miscellaneous reasons. 

I have placed a link for each separate conflict, many of which seldom get mentioned these days. It is easier to VIEW most information by going to the link provided. These links show level of professional baseball, position, branch of service, location, date, and COD.  I give credit to those copy rights, etc.. These are just citations to those writings, and in no way do I intend to plagiarize.


There are known/assumed deaths not listed here from the American-Indian Wars as well as the Spanish-American War.

"In 1861, baseball players filled the ranks of the military for the first time as America found itself gripped by civil war. Since that first game in Hoboken, baseball had spread throughout New England and the Midwest. Cartwright himself had taken the game to California and Hawaii, and the sport was growing in popularity in Virginia, the Carolinas and the ports of New Orleans and Galveston, Texas.

The civil war meant that baseball’s fledgling organisations suffered (the number of nationally recognised clubs fell from 62 to 28) while military baseball boomed. Troops of both the North and South armies played organised games and pick-up games around their camps and there is evidence that baseball was also played in prisoner-of-war camps.

The war lasted until May 1865, and in four long years, over 600,000 American lives were lost. It’s safe to say that this was the first time baseball players made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Unfortunately, no records have been uncovered to name these inaugural heroes."

American Indian Wars

"During and after the Civil War, there were a number of conflicts with Native Americans in the western United States. As baseball gained in popularity during this time, it is fair to say that a number of ballplayers would have lost their lives during this time. An 1880s photograph of the Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, baseball team includes mention of two of the players (who were serving with the famous 7th Cavalry) were among the 25 troops killed at the Wounded Knee Massacre of December 29, 1890, the last battle of the American Indian Wars. Unfortunately, their names have not become known."
Jefferson Barracks baseball team
Jefferson Barracks baseball team

Spanish-American War

"In Florida, in December 1897, the baseball team of the battleship USS Maine defeated a team from the cruiser USS Marblehead, 18-3, to earn the title Navy baseball champions. Led by engine stoker and pitcher William Lambert of Hampton, Virginia, the only black player on the team who was described as “a master of speed, curves, and control,” the team’s next game was scheduled with an all-star squad in Havana, Cuba.

On February 15, 1898, Marine Corps Fifer C.H. Newton, the ship’s bugler and the ball team’s third baseman, blew taps as the Maine bobbed listlessly in Havana Harbor. Shortly afterwards, the Maine blew up, killing 261 of the crew and all but the baseball team’s right fielder, John Bloomer. In addition to Newton, the bugler, the ballplayers killed that evening were Ordinary Seaman William H. Gorman (second base) of Boston, Landsman Charles Hauck (centerfield) of Brooklyn, Landsman William L. Hough (first base) of New York, pitcher William Lambert, Apprentice First Class Benjamin L. Marsden (catcher) of Jersey City, New Jersey, Landsman John Merz (shortstop) of Brooklyn, and Landsman William H. Tinsman (leftfield) of East Deering, Maine. Also killed were the team’s manager Gunner’s Mate First Class Charles F. W. Eiermann of New York, and Seaman Leo Bonner of New York, the manager’s assistant. In addition, to lose his life aboard the Maine that night although not a member of the ship’s team was Yeoman Third Class John H. Shillington of Chicago, who played shortstop with Notre Dame.

Two months after the loss of the USS Maine, on April 25, 1898, saw the start of the Spanish-American War, during which the rallying cry, “Remember the Maine! To Hell with Spain!” was frequently heard. Minor league catcher Leonard Weikart died from illness in Cuba on August 1, 1898. He was possibly the first former professional player to lose his life in military service. On December 30, 1898, Bill Stearns, a Civil War veteran who pitched for the National Association’s Washington Nationals between 1872 and 1875, died from illness that had occurred while serving with Company H, First District of Columbia Volunteers in Puerto Rico in August/September of that year."
USS Maine baseball team
USS Maine baseball team

Now moving on to the WWI and WWII. The list in the links includes baseball players from other countries as well. Australia, Canada, and Japan.  Then the rest of the Wars that we as a country have fought in seems like my entire lifetime.

BTW, we are still officially at war with Korea as the peace treaty or declaration to end the war has never been signed. Maybe rocket-man and the President can actually get that done. That doesn't require trusting the other guy at all, just sign the damn papers. 

This list seems so short. I feel there should be a lot more names. Maybe more research is needed.

Died while serving 1872 to .....   2005. I'm quite sure a more current list exists somewhere.
Most of these were killed in plane crashes, and a few listed as accidents outside of "actual" war-time. Still the same remembrance on this day was earned. 

Again, Honoring those today who made the ultimate sacrifice as President Abraham Lincoln declared back in 1865 (after witnessing the aftermath from the battle that had just occurred), and later after his death became known as the Gettysburg Address. 

Also absolute credit to the sources providing this information. I'm just spreading the word.

Big League Braves

Before the scans appear. Taking a moment of silence to honor those soldiers who were killed in action........

2019 Big League Braves:

First up are the horizontal cards.

Horizontal "subset" cards.

2 More horizontal cards.


Team set, complete. Feel free to send any blue or golds.  Way too many horizontal cards for me, I'm not a fan. I know there are fans out there, just not me. I know some photos need to be done that way.

Be safe today.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Shadow Shots

I hope that everyone is safe this weekend, got to watch out for the "other" drivers on the road.

I see a bug.

Besides the pair of shadows I'm not seeing much.  Maybe a caricature of Batman and Robin if you tilt your head to the left.  That's a stretch I know.

I see a kid catching a football in the backyard.

Be safe!

Friday, May 24, 2019

What can you buy with $30.00?

Now I know there are millions of answers to the title question. However, it really wasn't a question per say. Just another way of titling look at what I got for the cost of a blaster. While I was at the Jacksonville card show earlier this month. I hit my buddy Daryl up on his relic/auto box.

On card certified auto of former Brave om Topps Gold Label.

This one is not for me. You know who this is for.... Tom e-mail me.

Justus on card.

Another Sims auto.

A Dansby relic.

Buehler goes into to my probable PC binder, at least for now.

Goldy mini framed relic.

Why not add a HOfer relic with this rod Carew

A dual relic with this HOFer Brave. Tom Glavine.

And closing out with Mo. Nice stripe going through this one.

Have a great weekend folks.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Nickel cards

Here's another nickel card post.

Who wouldn't grab Gold Label cards for .05? 

I never noticed how you can tell how the players photos stand out like they've been "placed" on a different background.  Well, until now anyways.

Lots and lots of PC guys. Shame it will be another year plus before I know if I actually need these. But, at nickel a piece I'll be all right.

Super shiny for .05 too.

I don't blame me at all for just grabbing these guys up.

I'll do another "off" post tomorrow. I picked up some relic/autos at a really good price. I of them wasn't for me either. Let us see if we can figure that out.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wacky Wednesday

Rough start to today for sure. My uncle couldn't hold himself up even when sitting or laying down if that makes sense. He was leaning heavy to the left. This happens from time to time. He just can't hold himself up. Today though was a trip to the dentist first thing after breakfast. He will be 96 in August and today we're removing a bridge (upper left) to......get this pull two teeth under it. I thought the whole idea of a bridge was to cover a space where the teeth already had been removed. Anyways, they had to cut the bridge, it shattered. Pull the 2 teeth and place a crown in there, plus pull another tooth on the other side on the bottom. Needless to say he is not a happy camper right now. What makes it worse is he is allergic to the typical "dental "pain killers".  No oxy or certain hydro-condone. Damn, he is one tough fella. Still with the loss of three teeth today he still has more than I do. Anyways, the dentist wrote a prescription for "the one he can take, rode around for 2 hours hitting every pharmacy in Valdosta when the last one a non-chain pharmacy said nobody is going to have this as it doesn't come in that strength. None of the others said that. So had to get the Doc to rewrite it and go pick it up and bring it in. They typed it up wrong , but the pharmacy filled it knowing what they were told when they called the office. I get back and something looked wrong....okay google.. yep got acetaminophen in it, back to the pharmacy, they did fix it. Ugh...

Now, switch hitting........a few interesting baseball cards.

Just skipping along with a a big ole smile. That's how you enjoy summer.  Especially when it is hitting triple digits the rest of the week (without the index). I don't mind though as I'd rather have this than 50 degrees any day. Besides it could be worse like those in the mid west dealing with those tornadoes and flooding. prayers go out to you folks.

Classic beauty.  Even love the old M-frame Oakley's.

Now why did he drop the ball. Or did he just miss it outright?

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Awhile back Mark (Fuji) held a contest for a set of Presidents cards. I was a winner. I've put those cards with my ongoing President's collection. Mark threw in some Braves for me as bonuses. I needed all of these.

Horizontal Chipper that wasn't even on my radar.

Like Mark himself, I love some parallel Braves cards especially when someone is sending them to me.

A camo parallel of Medlen.

Two more parallels, one refractor and one green refractor.

Wrapping it up with this Eddie Mathews. When all is said and done, I wasn't expecting these to come with the contest winnings. I am counting them as a blind trade. I will have to put something together for my west coast buddy.  Thanks Mark!