Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Free cards

Who doesn't like free cards? I love them myself. For a couple of months my buddy Bob (the flea market dealer) has been saying he wanted to go to that guys' house where i picked up that huge deal over the summer. Every week the same thing....... Did you go?  No, this came up  yadda yadda yadda.  I called him up last night night and told him we were going today. He said okay. Well, at first he wasn't thrilled with the choices in shed #1 or #2. But then wowzer, bam bam bam. He grabbed up 10 of the $5.00 boxes. Why? Well lets just stick with the 3 Jerry Rice rookies and the 15 or so unopened 1986 Topps Football cello/grocery packs.  He was thrilled. I got to pick some of the stuff in the boxes for free. Why not afterall I drug and drove his butt there, right?

1983 Topps Traded, and yes these 2 cards came with the other 130 in it's original sealed box which I obviously opened.

Nice 10 card Christmas set. For some reason there were 2 of the Jim Kelly so why not show the back.

Grabbed up these 3 plus 2 dupes. I probably don't need them, but again  why not?

Complete set.

This one too.

This one was missing card #50, no big deal as I have a partial set somewhere.

This is from the 1988 Baseball Immortals Conlon Collection.  I believe there are only 5 sets or series.  I got the complete 30 card Series 3 set. I have them in order of the checklist (right to left).

This is what the card backs look like.

Earmarked with the other Tigers stuff.

Also got a near set although they weren't needed. It was missing just 5 Diamond Kings.

Complete set.

Pretty sure this one was NOT complete, but I have the set anyways.

What was great here was the base set of cards and a bunch of the stickers.   Plus 13 unopened packs and the other wrappers.

Now for some pretty girls.

Going to have to put these with my July 4th/patriotic binder.  They also come with puzzle backs.

Looks like they got one off just a bit.

There was also an Elite set too, which they re-used 5 of the pictures. This set has Gold foil.

And yes, puzzle backs too. Let's see if they got this one right.

This one wasn't right either. Oh well, can't complain when they are FREE!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How did I do?

Way back in January I posted "goals" for this year. A subject that goes both ways among bloggers. Some do it, some don't. I've done it now for 2 years. I don't stress over them. I try to keep them somewhat attainable, but a stretch at the same time. Let's look back at the short list:

1) get 3 more 1909-11 T206 cards.
2) complete 12 sets
3) update Brave WANT pages
4) put my 70s Topps want list up
5) take a trip to the post office.

Here is the link to the original post (it's a short one)     2016 Blog GOALS

Now let's break each down.

1) T206. I already have 2 of 3 in hand, and still trying to get another before 12/31. At least on it's way to me. For now a B+.

Not the best of condition for sure. But, they will fit nicely with the 3 others. My first Polar Bear and Piedmont 350-460 backs.

I really thought this one would be the easiest, but I put it off to December this year, so my bad. I still consider it a win. I now own 5 and fingers crossed will be 6 over the next week.

2) Finish off 12 set builds. Blew this one out of the water, and probably off the planet. I started 2016 with 58 completed Sets (mainly the full large base sets from Topps, Fleer, Donruss, Upper Deck, Bowman, Score, Pinnacle, and etc. I was keeping a running total on the front page of my want lists, but after finishing off 32 sets I quit counting. Well, I now have 134 completed sets and that doesn't count the 100's (S) of the little sets like Fleer, and  some of the Donruss, Score and some odd ball stuff.  A+ all the way here.

3) Update Braves want lists. The main focus of this project was supposed to be 2006-2014 section, which I didn't get too. However, I did more that amount on the other pages so I am pleased with that and will give myself a B+. I did bring the other pages up to about 85-95 % accurate. It does sucks knowing that I still need to update the 06-14 pages.

4) Add my 1970's Topps want lists.  A+ Got all of the 70's listed albeit many are HAVES lists because I don't have a lot of them.  But I also got some 50's and 60's put in there too.

5) Last but not least take all of those packages and boxes to the post office.(A). Why just an A? Simple.... Got them all mailed but the one I owe The Italian Completest, which I figure he probably doesn't need those 80's Topps cards at this point, so I need to work on making things right there. I know me, I will. This isn't the only hiccup though.... I now have un-boxed or packaged stacks that need to get gone and it is more in the lines of 50+, maybe even 70+.  OUCH!

So, How'd I do, I will leave it at a PASS. That's all I'm saying.

I will probably bring three of these back in a some fashion for 2017, but will see in January. It won't be on the first as I won't be home.

Saturday, December 24, 2016


I should have expected this from Wes (JBF). Wes put out his Holiday run this year and I claimed my 5 cards. Here they are:

3 Vintage, one early 80's odd ball and the Arod parallel.

Wes got sneaky though and also sent the following:

I've already broke this one from its prison.

One of the first things that fell out of the huge package from Wes was this team bag.

On top was a 1986 Police card. The bag was fully so I thought to myself, that is too fat for a team set.

Good thing, as there was the 1984 set as well. At least 24 cards in each of those 2 sets. i still have to research to see it that is the complete sets.

These two cards were also mixed in with the Police sets. But Wes didn't stop there.

Wes hit my Elway Collection with 5 cards new to me. Both immortals are serial numbered.  I have a couple of things to say:

2) I will have to work on some payback!


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Several in one

To get things rolling on the cards I got in over the last week I put a couple of them together in one post.

Up first is package from Gavin.  Pretty sure I need this one. I just scanned 90% of the cards that came in and haven't checked against any lists. I know I needed this one now.

This one too.

Gavin also sent a hit to my Trophy Cup needs.

And a card for the Miller binder and one for the Names binder, but I'm pretty sure I have Moore (different card of course)

Defgav even found a card of me. See the resemblance

This custom card has me stumped. Gavin glued an 89 Donruss on the other side. He numbered it to just 25 copies. Dilemma, I've never had a Rip Card, and you can tell there is something inside. Do I rip it, and destroy the custom, or do I go for what's inside?

This duo came from Trevor over at Bump & Run cards as you can see on the Christmas note.

And one more package from Don Roth of OCT.

Don sent 30 hits to my 1976 Set build. I obviously will put that Bevacqua in the Bubble Gum binder so I still need one more of those.