Thursday, August 31, 2023


 Happy Friday everybody. I'll be heading to The Villages card show in the morning. I do not like the fact that they organizer switched the normal quarterly show from the 2nd Saturday to the first Saturday messing up my run to Jax. Truth is though I am looking forward to a 30 minute drive vs the 2 hr drive each way. The show is about the same size as the Jax show. Sometimes they have signers. I usually do not see any boxes for digging, in fact there really isn't any of that. Primarily the bulk of stuff is vintage and the higher end stuff, so needless to say I will not be spending the entire day at this show. 

I only did half the trip 1's last week, so I'll finish that up tonight.

There is that Dan Wilson that I mentioned last week. The base Topps, HTA, and Limited Edition versions. That should have been a REAL BIG indicator of the direction Topps would be taking for parallels. 

There is the other two Coomer cards that get his cards to 3 in the (111's). His other was one of those 2000 Topps.

You can certainly tell where as Greg (NO) worded last night I "took a break". 

2004 through 2012 doesn't have a whole lot.

The next few years are kind of skim too. 

Closing the 1's out with three 2023's. Next week I'll drop the triple deuces down. Hopefully I get a chance to run the numbers as I did with last week's post. 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Vintage box surprises part 2: Some 60's

 Jumping right into the cards that surprised me sitting in a quarter box to begin with.

These are great. You know why?

Because the have puzzles on the back.

Every single one of those red checklists are unmarked. I already showed you the last one (Padres) that I needed to upgrade to unmarked for my set build.  I have one more post of vintage surprises from that box that will have to wait until next Wednesday as I already have scheduled posts for the other days. After that one I will move on to the cards from Richie up in Jacksonville. (There will be 3 of those posts also).

News News News and some cards too. Vintage baseball cards

First off I am okay as is my home.

 Y'all folks remember those 14 monster boxes of cards that I picked up for Justin and then got stuck with them on my couch? I do because they are still on my couch. 

They were $150.00 dealer boxes not retail and I got them for $50.00 each plus the two free ones. I figured out a way to get rid of them without selling them for a profit which is against something I promised my self 18 years ago. I am not in the card business. I am a collector/trader.

I have been trading my butt off within the OCT realm and figured (reminded my self) out how I can pass on the deal to others.  Let me know what you think and if interested.

Here is what the boxes are:

5 football

5 baseball (1 is all 2023 ser. 1) (it is a 5K count box)

almost 2 basketball (and I could dump the vintage basketball from another deal into make closer to 2 boxes.

1 wrestling

1 UFC.

There are also smaller lots of UFC, soccer, and f1 racing whatever that is. 

So here is what I came up with.

$50.00 for a monster box worth of cards. I can take them from the big box and put into three 800 count boxes, and another 600 count box. The 3 boxes will fit in the gaming medium flat rate box that costs $17.10 to ship, and the lone box is apx. $12.85 to ship so $30.00 to ship all of those cards. Total your cost would be $80.00. Still a super deal at half of what dealers pay for the quality boxes that these are. 

There is not a doubt in my mind that anyone buying a "box" would not be satisfied with the value they get. 90-95% of the cards are from 2020-2023 and quite a bit of 2023 product. I can see the 2023 Topps series 1 box not being of interest to anyone who wants 3-5K of those hanging around. Think about it that's like 2.6 cent a card. These boxes are loaded with the super stars tier one players and loaded with rookies. A slew of shiny too. 

Okay now that I pitched that idea out there let's show some more cards from the Jax show. You know that vintage box I bought, here is the first of three posts dedicated to the surprises that were in the box that were not needs.

Yeah these are kind of rough, but would you have left them sitting a quarter box? I wouldn't especially seeing that I paid 4 cents a piece by buying the whole box.

Okay the top and bottom cards are blank back vintage cards, and I have no idea what the "game" card is in the middle. I've been busy and haven't found the time to research it.

There are the other side of those cards.

I was really surprised to find the 3 Dawson rookie cup cards.

That is enough 76 & 78 teasers for now.  There are some more from these years, but I am sure you want to see some earlier years huh?

Tuesday, August 29, 2023


 Posting this a bit early for me as there be a Hurricane brewing to me left (puts me in the NE quadrant-not good). Hopefully all will be well for at least a week after all there are 3 other storms a blowing in the Atlantic, two look to be not an issue for me and the other maybe a week to ten days. 

Alright, the week (last week) flew by. I had zero interest from the non team cards posted last week. Let's see if the California Angels (aka: LA, Anaheim, or whatever your preference). tonight we have 16 items up for grabs. See something you'd like to trade for be the first to comment below and then we can e-mail to work out a trade. I want to remind you that I am not looking for anything super special myself, just something fair and from my want/needs lists.

Definitely the nicest piece here tonight.

Alright there you the Angels (at least what I had placed into the binder last month. The way I buy cards you neve know what if any I have added since. But those will have to wait until sometime next year to pop up on the Tuesday trade day.

Next week will be the Oakland A's! Should be 8 scans there.