Monday, June 29, 2015

Just cards needing some attention. And a question.

Over the last couple of weeks I had to scan up the cards that came in so I could finish up with the Card Show series, that was exhausting.  Not really, most of those posts were written on the same day, when I laid out the ground work for the HIDDEN contest which was won by Tim B (I love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning)   aka. WHAT?  lol.  .  Here are some cards that I obtained during that span.

There was something very cheesy about this card! Yellow, note pad, name, and Reds. I actually found a stack of 20ish cards from this set buried in a 2000 count box of junk wax I scooped up for $2.00 I plan to send the set to minus the Pokey (that went into Nicks stack).... What is Nachos name?

I closed out those "team sets" from a SportsLot deal, but the big highlight from those grabs are coming shortly.

Just need the 3 Murphys now.

Closed out, done!

I figured I had better complete the team set or at least start it, seeings that I have the complete set now, and the complete portrait set too.

These closed out the run of 86 Fleer. The team update set anyways. I had already finished the base team set. I finished the full set this past week. Got the mini set last year. I only need 1 more Super Star Sticker #60 Horner to wrap it up completely!

That Sheffield card looks so good. Who can complain about a Chipper DK?

More cards needed for the team sets.

Okay, I already had this card. Why did I get it again?  I was hoping to find that somewhere out there, there was one with the sky blue border like 100% of the rest of the Braves team set. This is the ONLY card with the purple border, and it isn't the last card in the team set, a couple after it, and they came with the Blue. This wasn't his first year nor the last year with the Braves.  this card really bothers me. Why did Donruss do this? 

And now for the HIGHLIGHT of the SportsLot grabs.

80% of the Braves team set, need 2 more. Beautiful cards. Look so much better in hand too.

Brian (HS&CA) sent a PWE and a bubble mailer (showing it all by iteself)

How about some Philadelphia Falcons 1966..................  LOVE it, I had one from this set. turns out Brian would send me a dupe of that one in the mailer, but guess what....... It is needed in the Name Game Binder.....So cool.

The 66 Philadelphia checklist, and a Topps card........BTW, Brain also sent the 66 Phil. RJ in the bubble too.

Why not add a couple of Braves to the PWE with a note saying the bubble mailer was on its way.  Thanks Brian. Working on a "NIFTY" return.

Awhile back reader Jeff Jones another Braves and Falcons Collector who also lived in Kennesaw, but now lives in florida (apx 2.5 hrs from me) commented on one of my posts where I needed the GQ Folty. He sent these.  I sent him a few cards in return. hehe.

Len M.  founder of OCT (old card traders------the old meaning the cards,  lol) asked if I needed the Marquis. I said yes, and here it is.  He wanted that Guidry auto from the splurge.  Like that was ever going to happen, but hey if you don't ask you don't know. He then asked for a Bo Sox auto in return because he didn't have one in his collection. I looked and I didn't either. HMM.  I spoke to my friend Bob (from now on he is friend Bob, the other dealer will be vendor Bob), he came up with a Hillebrand that I sent in return.

Nice vintage Rookie Cup.

This long needed Niekro was sent by fellow OCTer Jim Craig.

Tomorrow is TmT day, and the first cards coming in from that series came from Tom (Angels in Order). The funny thing is that Tom and Bert (Swing & a Pop) both sent cards for the updated post that both got here before the first ones did, crazy P.O.  I forgot to scan those and put them right away into binders.

But, seeings that the first cards came in just the other day, here they are. packaged stamped 
6/14 , took 2 weeks. Thinking positive, they got here and in 1 piece.

Love that Emotion set. That Classic #nno quad, now that I see it, I want 2 more.

Tom went over the card or two per scan, as I had asked.  He claimed 4 scans and that would be 8 cards, he sent these.   I had to wrap up an extra package of goodies for him. Done!

I will show Brian's mailer in another post.   See ya.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

IMPORTANT....UPDATE::::::::: 2006 Topps Rookie of the Week Contest

It looks like Tim, and Mark were on the right track, but there is a bit more to it. Little bit anyways. Tim figured out the HIDDEN part was a clue. That is #1.  And the answer to that is... here are the 6 cards I didn't show. I HID them.  This forced you to guess a bit, and I GUESS that really wasn't fair.  Clue #2 was I mentioned a couple of times, that I had noticed there weren't many Yankees cards in the box. This should have eliminated guessing the 2 Mantles, thus reducing the remaining cards. Tims 7 are the correct ones I shown, which Mark also chimes in shortly thereafter confirming his 7 picks. He did guess 3 of the other 6 correctly, but he choose both Mantles, Killebrew was a good guess though, but nah didn't get him.  Clue #3.  I threw out hints along the way like yesterday "wonder which player I haven't shown yet" on post #10, only to NOT show any new players on the last post, mainly Braves. Should have had ya thinking when you seen the Braves. Besides these 6 would have made it way to EASY.

Okay, so I snuck (I don't think I've ever spelled that word before, looks funny) Reggie, Brett, and Frank through. Oh well, I am going to have to declare Tim B the winner.

I have since that show picked up 1 more from this set without even trying to. Huh!

That one would have been a no brainer too, so I would have hidden that one too. I was fortunate enough to get doubles of the Rickey, Cal, Gwynn, and Ozzie cards too.

Thanks for playing along with my "out there" somewhat mind.   Can't wait until the 4th!  What better way to spend Independence Day than with a grown child who lives 5 hours away at card show, and just might get to meet fellow blogger/reader/trader Jeff J. Wow, lucky me.

Is it Saturday yet?

Ahhhh! The LAST post from My first Card Show in Twenty years.

THIS IS THE LAST POST OF THE SERIES. Don't forget about the HIDDEN contest. You are looking for the (13) 2006 Topps Rookie of the Week inserts HIDDEN OVER THE 11 POSTS FROM THE JUNE 6TH CARD SHOW. I snagged 13 of the 25. You need to lmk all 13 numbers I pulled. First with the correct answers WINS some vintage goodies!

I chose this contest format, because I know from reading so many blogs, that many of you like doing a little research. But, I did want to keep it simple enough to make it an easy one. Again, first one with the correct 13 numbers from the insert set to comment on THIS post is the winner. 

The last 6 scans.

Another Arod.

Surely, you folks didn't think I was going to make 11 posts, and not include some BRAVES. I want/NEED 6 more copies of that 1996 Pinnacle checklist. That 1998 Score Andruw is the Team set version (notice the Logo).

That Glavine would make an awesome Saturday Shadow Shot! What do you see?

Come on, Elmer Fudd wearing a Braves cap, I had to get it. Love the "Davy Lopez" card too.

I don't know if that super shiny signing Andruw is the Spectrum or which one of the other parallels, I know it is one of them.  Nice bat barrel too!

There you have it. The best apx. 500 cards from the first card show I've been to in twenty years. I am heading back on July 4th. This time I have to grab some stuff for Night Owl, something ( and 10k for me too). Technically, he is why I landed there in the first place, low and behold I brushed away looking for him and focused on me.  Dab nab it, I'm so selfish. But my Player Collections thank me. I also hope to meet up with fellow blogger/trader Jeff at the show. 

If in fact I am successful grabbing 10K cards I promise to only highlight a couple of posts. Okay, no more than 1 weeks worth.  lmao.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Last Franken Friday for the year!

Well folks we made it to the end of the book. These are the last 7 cards I have in the binder.

Page 98: I have 3 cards on this page.

Card # 875

Card # 880

Card # 882

Page 101: I have just this one card # 901

Page 102: One card again # 910

Page 104: Again 1 card # 929

And the very last card is #1010, No idea what page this would be.

From time to time I will update on new additions to this set, but that will be a rarity. So until I either start a new Franken-Set or Next year gets here faster than I would like (I will just be showing 2 pages each Friday next year that way it lasts all year long). Should be nice to see all of those pages that were filled in this year.   So for now..................That's all Folks!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Thanks to Tom over at Angels in Order and Bert at Swing and a Pop we have 3 new scans this week.

REFRESHER:  #1 Pick a scan (or 10) that you want. #2 Find 1 or 2 cards per scan from my want lists. #3 comment on this post. SIMPLE!

REMEMBER, new scans will replace the ones traded each week until I get through all of them.

They do get better as they go along meaning the end (say scans in the 60s and 70s) is pretty darn cool, if I must say so.

Scan 1.

Odd set Fleer Hardball.

Scan 3.

A very sweet insert partial set.

Scan 4.

For you World Series fans out there.

Scan 10.

1995 Post.

Scan 12.

1988 Donruss The Rookies.  Come on find just 1 super low end card from my wantlist, and take home a David Wells RC!

Scan 13.

Scan 14.

Scan 15

Some Gold Rush cards.

Scan 16.

1994 Donruss Special Edition.

Scan 17.

A mix of Jimmy Dean, Gold Rush, 94 Donruss SE, and a couple of 2006 Topps National baseball cards.