Friday, April 30, 2021

Card Show MISC.

 Just a slew of cards that I grabbed for one reason or another.

Cheap vintage.

More cheap vintage, what gets me with these and the ones below are which are Milton Bradley cards.

Yep, a whole bunch of Vogeys, and several autographed most of which should already be in Tom's hands by now.

In the end I paid a quarter (I was thinking I would be a paying a dime). Yes, I intentionally picked all of these Kris Bryants. Who wouldn't?

Some birthday boys.


Auto's I wasn't leaving in the boxes.


Diamond Kings.

Trophy Cups.

Kellogg's, bubble gum, and a Flag.

Mostly foil parallels.




Some Bo's and Robert's. Not sure why that one Robert doesn't show as dark as the other. Hmm.

That wraps the April card show. Now I'll be sorting hopefully a good bit from the show today, we'll see.

Card show PC guys

 Doing the PC guys tonight and tomorrow will be the last of the last card show posts (MISC). Heading to Jax in the morning.

A little of everything here. vintage, odd balls, inserts, parallels, and base cards.

The Home Run Club Dawson scan does NOT do it justice. Those cards are nice.

Yep, that is a Brooks Robinson autograph that cost me a quarter.

I know most of those Legends Stadium Club were dupes, but I couldn't pass them up.

Another one of those HR Club cards.

That was quite the PC additions.  I'll finish up with the Misc tomorrow.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Getting these out there

 With just two posts left from the April card show, I figure I better squeeze these cards in before I finish the show cards. (PC guys & Misc.)

Was anyone watching this guys' fight Saturday night? OMG, talk about a cringe worthy leg break. OUCH! I heard he was walking on it a couple of days ago. WTF! It made Montana's leg break seem like a walk in the park. Anyways, it was perfect timing, for me tog et this card. I bought a set of cards off of Ebay recently and there were a handful of the UFC cards put in as filler for the box. 

Next up are some cards from fellow blogger Chris (The Collector). 

Yes, I still need many Braves from the 2000 Topps Chrome set.

My first Big League Black & White. Much appreciated 

This foursome was an interesting bunch. My excel sheet said I already had them. However, I had the wrong name on the player for the Blauser Score card. I had chipper at #10 (turns out that was the 97' set). I go and check the web page, dah dah. It showed i still needed them. I figure I need the Score, but I know for fact I do already have the Chasing History cards. From time to time my web page does not hold my "saves". It is so bad that I apparently "almost" always when updating save and refresh every time....almost. See when I don't it doesn't always save it.  So already having these three, but still on my want list is my bad.

These three however, were not listed as needs on my web pages. Shame too, Who doesn't like getting an X-fractor, and a couple of PC guys. Anyways, Chris sent me these because I had reached out to him about knowing where to dump my non-baseball cards. ( I have a bunch I want to get rid of). Chris asked we just do a PWE because he didn't have that many from my want lists. I say Chris did just fine. I especially like the B/W. The Niekro dupe (again was my bad) notes a NO NO on the front, so I have a mini collection for that one. I figure Chris collects Red Sox cards too, so I put some of those in with his return, and perfect timing somewhere to send those extra UFC bonus cards that came. Of course I am keeping the card at the top, it has a FLAG on it. We know where that will be going.

Thank you Chris. I've already pulled a return for you, but I am waiting until I get back from Jax. to mail them out.