Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wacky Wednesday

Ahh! Nothing like wrapping up a run. Last week I detoured the course a bit by running the 2017 Wacky packages 50th Anniversary set. Odd thing not one comment. I found that extremely interesting, there are some great stickers there. But, oh well let's finish up ANS Series 7 right now.

I must apologize because I am lazy and I just deleted the last 9 cards in the set and don't want to go undo it, LOL.  Okay, next week we will run at the partial set of ANS 8. It is the only set that I haven't completed. I am eyeballing a set for $9.97 on E-Bay though.

Need to go to the Post Office......HELP

I need Matt Pedersons' address. When I am in Georgia, me getting to the post office is like maybe once a month, so I need these last 3 addresses before I can mail the games prizes out.  Please help I had hoped to go this morning, Wednesday. If you know the current address for any of the above, email me, please..

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Still need some addresses. Waiting until I get them all.

Need addresses for the following people:

robert (I can send to the last address I have on record)

Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day

No cards, no scans, just a thought, thank you, and a prayer for those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Still Needing some addresses for the contest prizes. Waiting to get them all........

Need addresses for the following people:

nick (I can send to the last address I have on record)
robert (I can send to the last address I have on record)

Shadow Shots

Trying to get back to a little normal (normal for me, that is).

I see a Native American doing his rain dance.


If you turn your head left kind of looks a like a pony head.

I see a dog all stretched out napping.

Just a plain ole great shadow.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wes the Closer

JBF (aka: WR) closes out the contest. Wes had 4 picks throughout the game. let's look at them.

That was a lot of cards stolen.

Here is what Wes gets to bring to the house.

A 9 pack of Dodger inserts, but wait.....

Wes scooped these as well.

Now everyone please e-mail me your address  ( so I can get your packages out to you.  Thanks for playing and heads up looks like Oscar  aka:Stealing Home will have a similar game in the near future. All Trade Bait All The Time

Congrats to all 21 winners.

Man o Man. Wes your turn AGAIN

Wes you can pick #6 or steal anything but the Blue Bunts, Kendrick, Brett, and Brooks. If you choose #6 the game is over, if you steal the game rides on.

Dim picks #16 DefGav you're up!

which is.......

steal or pick 6

JBF chooses...... And its Dimwit's turn

#15. Which just so happens to be my old jersey number. Hopefully, that doesn't make him blue.

But, these sure might.

Next up is the Dimwit!  You can pick 6 or 16 or steal anything except for Brett, Robinson, and Kendrick.

JBF loses the Robinson Bronze

Wes, you're up again. Steal anything but Kendrick, Brett, Dazzy (they're locked) or the Robinson, or choose 6, 15, or 16.

Fuji swipes the Brett!

That's the second time on Brett Bronze, it now is locked with Kendrick, and Dazzy. Mark Prigge you're up again. Steal or choose 6, 15, or 16.

JBF chooses #20

Let's see what that is......

Brooks Robinson Bronze. Will it last? I don't know...... Fuji you're up! steal anything but Kendrick and Dazzy or pick 6, 15, 16.

A Twist on Wacky Wednesday

Yes, I am still going to post some Wacky Packages today. A lot of them in fact. I can't help it, but after picking up the 2017 Wacky Packages 50th Anniversary set I need to post them.

This set has me discombobulated. There are some great stickers in there, but Topps decided with this set to make the set in 9 cards mini sets.

Here is the 50th Anniversary sticker backs.  I am only showing them because it does reflect the original 1967 version of the sticker.

Here are the fronts of those stickers.

Now, we'll move on to the remaining 9 card sets.

This is what the card backs look like. So the first set here is the Crazy APP set.

Now let's look at the.....

Next up is.....

Next and the last for today (which is about half of the cards) is......

Plain and simple I would prefer Topps to have numbered the cards 1-90 or whatever numerically, not in nine card mini sets. I think this format sucks.  I'll finish the rest of the "sets" for 2017 tomorrow night.