Sunday, June 24, 2018

Shadow Shots

Been a while since we've done one these.

I see a cartoon dog, one of those mean junkyard dogs and he's growling.


The Mad bear makes another appearance.

Too lean to be another bear, so how about a sprinter just before the gun starts the race.

Have a great night!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Just when you thought you had everything from 1990

Hmm....1990 and Topps. I thought I had it all, but nope. More in a minute.

I still need addresses for Once a Cub, Wilson, and Matt Pederson.

Back to 1990 Topps. Do you have it all? I thought I did until fellow OCTer Bob D'Angelo sent me this.

The back view.

The first pages inside were Dodgers. They throw some trivia out and then you're supposed to get the correct sticker and place it in the book/album.

Of course I'll show the Braves pages.

There is even trivia for the logos and equipment.

Lots and lots of pages of stickers. As a team collector, this posed a problem.

A nice cheat sheet too.

To remedy the team problem, I took a scrapbook page cutter and cut the stickers down the horizontal lines, then individually as needed. I also grabbed my PC guys too. Many of you team collectors will wind up with "your" stickers eventually.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

A whole bunch of Thanks!

I'm back in Valdosta after a terrible trip back home. I want to thank everyone who participated in the the BFG. I also have a slew of thanks to hand out to those who've sent me cards over the last two weeks. I scanned a couple of lots before I left the rest I am acknowledging here....right now. Thanks go out to Len and Kevin from OCT. Thanks go to fellow bloggers Tom T for a stack of Braves, Jim (GCRL) for some Braves, Bert from Swing & a Pop up, Kenny (ZZ), and the few I scanned from Bob D (OCT) showing those tomorrow and tonight's feature from Nick (dimebox).

The first time I seen these was a few weeks ago when Nick posted them. Now I need to find the rest of the set.

All Braves needs.

A couple for the PC and no idea on the Gwosdz.

These make the PC. I do have a QUESTION though. With the brown back Hostess, why is it brown?

2 more for the PC and 2 more needed Braves. Thanks Nick, and again to all of those mentioned above for the cards as well as those in the BFG.

I do still need addresses for: John Sharp, RAZ, Once a Cub, and Wilson. I also need Matt Pederson's addy. Hit me up guys.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The swap outs are......

Bo chimed in on #28, which is the stack of CUBS media guides that I posted a few weeks ago.

Once a Cub grabbed #9 which is

stack 2 of the vintage girlie cards.

Jon snagged #4

which was the girlie stack #1.

Julie pops in for #14

Bam Bam! Winfield RC.

Here is the list of all prizes:

What didn't go:

#12: another stack of Kellogg's

#22: another 70's vintage stack with a 1960 Alou

#24: a Trout stack.

I hope y'all had fun.

Before I package the prizes up, if any of y'all are working a swap of prizes with each other, lmk I can send them directly and save y'all shipping. I am heading home for a week and plan on mailing the prizes out after I get back. so lmk.

This is the BFG BONUS round

The first 4 contestants to comment below with 1 of the remaining unused numbers will get to swap out their prize for that of the new number. Only 1 person per number and 1 choice per person. There are 5 good prizes in those numbers and 2 that are so so.

The remaining numbers are: 4, 9, 12, 14, 22, 26, 28.

jafronius picks 15, another of my favorite numbers

and the prize is.....

An All Star Pirates Patch.

That was a heck of a round 2.  Congrats on all of the winners.

Next post I will list the 7 unrevealed numbers and will allow the FIRST 4....FOUR contestants to comment to trade out of their current prizes.

HINT: there are 2 so so prizes that didn't get picked and the other 5 are pretty decent prizes.

I should be posting it between 6-8 pm EST tonight.

I missed my D- Day post

Missed this one yesterday. Sorry, not to mention any cards I have recognizing D-Day are back home. We'll have to do it right next year.

Jafronius is taking the last at bat.

Will he hit a walk off homer? We'll see......

Matt K pulls some

#20 nets some vintage 60's , but they have writing on them.

The Felipe does not have any writing. There are 34 60's cards in this lot.

Matt K is up to bat and Jafronius is on deck

last 2. After these picks are made. I will at sometime this evening make a post calling for the first 7 comments to pick from the remaining numbers (I will put in the new post) allowing them to trade out. First come first serve.

Chris picks #1

which is...

is 50 pack of Sammy Sosa cards.

Next to play is Diamond Jesters Matt K.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Nacho it is your turn

Would have been funny to say Nacho turn, but it really is your turn. Hope your awake.

Raz picks a stack

with a 1964 Yaz. #29 yields a vintage stack of cards from the 70's plus the YAZ.

Well, it's late so I don't know if Chris is stil awake but if he is it is his turn followed by Matt K, then Jafronius.

RAZ you're up

what will raz do...........

Bo re-chooses

He pulls #25 which is another stack of........wax boxes:

1989 Fleer, Eight Men Out, and to top it off is a factory sealed 1989 Bowman set.

Your go RAZ

Bo still your turn

Bo already used a steal in the first round so needs to pick a new number.

Bo you're up followed by RAZ and Chris

Rolling right along now

Going twice for the Dimwit

he picks #10

BAM....Ohtani.  Next up is Bo

Dimwit your up again.

Time to roll again.

Julie picks #27

and she pulls apx 100 card stack of modern day HOFer's

Players like Ripken and the like, all PC guys.

Next up is Dimwit followed by Bo then RAZ, Chris, Matt K, and Jafronius

Jon picks lucky 7

and it is

Another HUGE stack of going to the Hall cards (maybe). Apx. 75 catds

Julie you already stole so time to pick another number.

Round 2 Begins now.

Pecking order for this round.

Matt Keppel

Available unopened prize numbers:

1, 4, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 20, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29.

If you have NOT used a steal you may also steal any of the prizes already revealed EXCEPT for:

6, 17, and 23.

Let's play ball!

Tim chooses #21

and it is....

Dodger's World Series patch.  Nice round folks. Time to start Round 2,

Have to bump another Matt. Tim it's your turn

Sorry Bubba, but e got to move on. Mr. Badstein take your pick or steal.

Stupienski and Badstein

Matt then Tim, swing away.

I'm back.

Made it back, all is well for now.

Stupienski & Badstein

Matt is coming to the plate and Tim is on deck.

I'm taking my Uncle to the Dr's the morning could take 3 or 4 hours, but I'll be back. Should be back around noon (hopefully sooner but this Dr. is never on schedule).

Once a Cub chooses #2

and his prize is.....

1960 World Series Patch Pirates.  Next up is Matt Stupienski, followed by Tim Badstein.

I'm heading to bed

I will give this a look see in the morning around 8 til 9, then I'm out til the afternoon.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Up to bat is Once A Cub

followed by Matt Stupienski, and Tim Badstein. Then time to start Round 2.

The Owl picks, y'all gonna love this.....

The Night Owl grabs at #24 which just so happens to be......

Remember those Mets and Yankees cards I posted a couple of weeks ago (minus my PC guys), LOL.

No worries Dodger man, someone might steal them, or at the end you can trade away if you chime in in time for one of the unused numbers.

Next up is Once A Cub followed by Stupienski, and Mr. Badstein.  Then it will be time for round 2.

Moving on. Pederson is out. Next up is Night Owl

It's been 3 hours with no play, so I have to drop Pederson out of the game. Next up is the Night Owl.  Greg here are the numbers left unpicked, or steal  one of the others except for 6, 17, 23.

Remaining unlocked numbers:
1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29.

Matt has a twitter, thing (I don't)

Someone tweet/message Matt let him know his turn is here,  thanks.

Wilson locks in his prize. Matt Pedersons turn.

The (#6) rookies are locked. Diamond Jesters you too will get a play in round 2.

Remaining unlocked numbers:
1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29.

Prizes available for a steal:
all numbers not listed above except for 6, 17, and 23.

I'm calling an audible and it's Wilson's turn.

I haven't heard back from John, so I am calling it a steal of #3. Chris you get a go in round 2.

John is considering a steal, we'll see

Waiting to see if those mini's (#3) are going to change hands. Once John confirms we'll be ready for Wilson, followed by Mr. Pedersen and NO.

Hazen coming to the plate

John is in the batter's box with Wilson in the on deck circle and Pedersen standing at the edge of the dugout. Night Owl will be hitting clean up followed by Once a Cub, then Stupienski and Tim B.

A lot of great prizes yet to be revealed. I loaded 29 prize packs with just 24 contestants playing. After all is said and done, I will take the remaining 5 unopened doors/numbers and offer them up (on que) to the first 5 contestants who want to exchange their prize.

I hope everyone is having fun. Its a deadzone time wise I guess, have to wait to work hours are over, except for say NO, lol. I'll check in later to see if we're moving again.

Gavin steals from Bo and locks up his prize

Bo you will be playing on round 2. I must say things are looking pretty good for the 2nd round. Just saying. Gavin, #23 Kellogg's is all yours.

Mr. Hazen your go sir.

Gavin hinted at a steal, but will he.....

Must be contemplating whether or not there is gold in them thar unopened doors.

Nick steals from Jafronius, Gavin you're up.

Batting next is the kid from the upper North West, followed by John Hazen, Wilson, Pedersen, Night Owl.

Nick first, then DefGav when you wake up...

Gavin, the sun isn't up yet out west but good morning anyways. I'll be heading out for a little but and should be back in an hour. Your turn after Nick. After Gavin is John Hazen , Wilson, Matt Pedersen then NO.

Jafronius chooses #16 which is


A stack of apx. 100 newer (in th elast 10 years or so) elected HOFer's.  Next up is Dime Box Nick followed by DefGav, then John Hazen, and Wilson.

Matt steals the rookies from RAZ. Jafronius you're up.

Raz you get to go again in round 2, should be after Dimwit for now anyways. Next to play is Jafronius, followed by Dime Box, then Gavin..

I'm going to bed for now. I'll check first thing in the morning.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Diamond Jesters you're turn

Matt if you're awake time to take a hack at the BFG,

Mark decides on #18

That's okay.  I'll pick another number.  Can I go with the number closest to #19 that hasn't been taken?  If it's a tie, lower is better (ex. 18>20).


18 it is, now what is it? Well remember those Media guides I showed awhile back (where you had a few of them). Well #18 is all of the "non" Cubs guides excluding the Braves.

Matt you're up if you're up.

Fuji your up, followed by Diamond jesters, and Jafronius

Fuji your up, followed by Diamond jesters, and Jafronius

Nachos x3

A bunch of .....

of minis.

Next up is Fuji, then Diamond jesters, Jafronius, and Dime Box Nick.

Play Ball!

AJ chooses one of my favorite digits

Numero Cinco:

No not just 1 card, there are 75 cards in this lot, all Super stars. All PC guys of mine that either have not been elected to the Hall yet, should have been, and those that may not get there for other reasons.

Next up to play is Chris Reed followed by Fuji, then Matt from Diamond jesters and then Jafronius.

I made a BOO BOO.

I incorrectly stated the wax boxes in Tom's prize winnings.

1992 Leaf series 1, 1995 Ultra series 1, and 1989 Pacific baseball legends series 2

These are the correct boxes, sorry TOM.

Trevor has a go at

#8 which is.....

A stack of HOF'ers on modern cards.  Like the other earlier prize there are apx. 60 cards in the lot. 

Next up is The Lost Collector, have at it AJ.

Tom locks up the first prize. Trevor P your turn

Tom steals from Julie who stole from Jon. That makes 2 steals on the 1989 Fleer wax box, 1992 Leaf, 89 Pacific Legends, and the 95 Ultra. That prize is now locked and can not be stolen again. Congrat's Tom.

Julie you will get to pick another remaining number (as you have already used your steal) in the second round. You will follow Jon again and Dimwit will follow you (for now).

Next to take a poke is Trevor P.

RAZ picks SIX

He gets.......

A bunch of Rookie cards. A nice stack too. Some you can't see.

Up next is Tom T, then Trevor, followed by AJ and Chris.

STOLEN. Bo takes from Dimwit's Kelloggs

Samuel you'll get another turn on round 2, You go after Jon. Now it's RAZ's turn. Pick or steal what will be the deal. After RAZ is Mr. Tessier followed by Trevor P then the long lost AJ.

Good Morning BFG World!

The Dimwit has chosen #23 and has this in his future at least for now.

A stack of Kelloggs.

Next up is Bo followed by RAZ followed by Tom T and Trevor P.

I'm going to bed, calling it a night.

Its 12:30 am I'm going to get some sleep. I'll check in the morning to see if there has been some action. Will resume the game then.

Good night all.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Dimwit is next to play in the BFG. Followed by Bo, then RAZ, and Tom T.

The Dimwit is next to play in the BFG. Followed by Bo, then RAZ, and Tom T.

Samuel, you can steal or pick a remaining number.

Sharp chose #11 and it is......

It is.......

Whoa, maybe Julie stole too soon...    Next up to bat is Dim wit, with Bo following then Raz and Tom Tessier.

Does anyone know John Sharp?

John's a Michigan boy living in Jacksonville, FL. Has a blog but no e-mail listed. If you have his e-mail PLEASE e-mail him. If you have his phone number him. Maybe you've traded with him, let him know it's been his turn for a couple of hours now. I don't plan on letting this BFG take a month to finish, so I may drop him out of the game if he hasn't gone before I go to bed (shortly). I did ask for an e-mail from everyone, and he didn't do that either, so I can't reach him. Going forward PLEASE PLEASE note when your turn is and who goes before you so that you can be waiting to go. I actually believed this game could be done tonight, at least through the first round. I posted when the start was and the pecking order, TWICE. I want to finish this game by tomorrow night.

Prigge chooses #19, Sharp you're up then Dimwit and Bo

Matt Prigge chooses #19 and it is.....

2018 stars the ones in the scan.

John Sharp you're turn. I don't have his e-mail so if someone has it, email him, then Dimwit will be after him followed by Bo.

Matt Prigge you're up then John Sharp follows

Prigge first, then Sharp followed by Dimwit and Bo!

Matt choose a number or steal.

Julie steals and Brett takes his turn

Julie decided to steal Jon's prize. If this was last year Jon would be going again right now. But, this is this year with new rules. Jon, you will get another turn when it comes around. So let's look at what Brett chose for #13.

Apx. 60 cards of HOFer's on modern cards. So yes, there is more than what is in this scan.

Jon picks

#17 which is unopened wax boxes of 1992 Leaf series 1, 1995 Ultra series 1, and 1989 Pacific baseball legends series 2.

Julie you're up! Steal these boxes or choose a number (1-16, 18-29).

ps. I didn't scan the wax boxes, didn't figure it was necessary.

Big Fun Game (BFG) now starting.

First to choose a number is Jon, then immediately after is Julie who will have the opportunity to choose an unpicked number or steal.

Go ahead Jon pick a number from 1-29.