Sunday, March 31, 2024

April Fool's Day

 No pranks by me today, at least not yet.

The following are athletes with a birthday today.

Menedez brothers!

Have a great day! BTW, this is not a gag. Diamond King is hosting a giveaway! 

Here is the link Diamond King's Giveaway

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Happy Easter

 Happy Easter everyone. I do need to apologize for one card that is missing and I don't know what happened to it. Part of my re-organization included my Holidates binder (you know this already). The other day when I was preparing to scan the cards for this annual post I set one card to the side to highlight. Now I can't find it. It was a baseball player (???) wearing a necklace that had a cameo of Jesus. I apologize for misplacing that.

For those that are first timers for this annual post: the cards below show the cross crucifix either on a necklace or earring, and even a tattoo. 

There you go folks as I taught my grandson enjoy the day as today is Jesus' 2nd birthday.

I'll be back tomorrow with another batch from my Holidates binder too.

Friday, March 29, 2024

No idea what these are. Braves win Braves win Braves win!

I watched the Braves first game today with my brother. Guess what, Braves won! Matt Olson who celebrated his birthday today was the hero (in my opinion) back to back to back doubles (2 in one inning). 

Okay the other day when I posted the photos of the re-organization with the garage photos included, there were the trade boxes that didn't fit on my "racks". There was a stack of cards on top (I made mention of them). Well there was one of my sticky notes on top stating February Jax Braves. I must have picked them up at the Feb. card show. My mind is blank, there were close to two hundred cards there. I did NOT scan them all. In fact I only made 3 scans as I have no clue about them. Some I know I got from Fred's table (23' TSC Braves parallels), the rest I just flat out don't remember. I know that I got the vintage from Chuck (other than that 59' Mantle I posted last month). I put Chucks cards away, so I am thinking that the vintage here are being moved because of an upgrade.....again no clue. I'll have to check my Braves binders first, then the set builds to see just where they are supposed to go. 

For now here are the 3 scans just to get these stacks done. That will leave me with two "deals" I made in February. One was from Daryl at the Feb. card show, and the other was a deal I made with a buddy in Ormond. The Daryl deal will take a week or two to post it all. The Mike deal from Ormond should be wiped out in two posts. When those are done and over I will be back on schedule.....sort of. With those getting done will put me on March acquisitions, and thus far I haven't been anywhere or bought any cards this month. That ends tomorrow as I will be heading to the Villages card show then the following Saturday I will be in Jax at that card show with a trip to Ormond in Between. So I will be jammed up again, but nothing I can't handle.

New and old all in one post. Aren't you glad i didn't scan the other 150ish cards? Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, March 28, 2024

More incoming: Nick Vossbrink

 Over the last month or so Nick has hit me up a couple of times.

Shortly after I posted about the toy show in January and the Coca-Cola Education cards Nick reached out with some that I was missing. The cards above are NOT those. I quickly put those in my Coca-Cola. The cards above are from a second mailing from Nick. He also included some baseball cards this go around.

I scanned the backs so that one could easily identify these as the Laughlin blue backs.

Much appreciated Nick! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

January Jacksonville Sports Card shop

 Quite a few scans here tonight. Just as a reminder that back in January I visited Fred at his house, and the following day I went to the card shop. I didn't get a ton (over all), but I did bring home a lot. You will see odd balls, oversized cards (I bought a whole box of them), and magazines along with other items. Most of the odd or non oversized cards were a buck each, but the grand total counting everything came out to .30 a piece. 

Buck each.

Same here.

Here too. I grabbed the dupe because I know I will ultimately open one of them up for display and to get at the card.

You got it.....buck and a buck.

A couple of those magazines still have the cards inside and intact. And yes a buck each. Now let's start the oversized cards. First up are the cards that ARE NOT keepers.

Football, not my thing. But Cramer's Choice for .30. 

All extras, dupes or just someone I don't collect.

Same here dupes or whatever.....NOT keepers.

Nor these.

I believe the scan above is where the keepers start.

Jumbo Diamond Kings are extre sweet at less than 3 for abuck.

Lastly, the Braves. Between these and the haul from Fred's I went over board in January with the over sized stuff. I should be good for a long while (except I usually grab one or two from Ormond when I go). 

Have a great night folks!.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024


 Getting closer and closer to the end (one more week). Then I can say I have my tuesdays back, lol. Who am I kidding? I just spent the last week going through a bunch of the mini collections including two which will be occupying two days every week. Wacky Wednesday's is just just around the corner, and the other will be Shadow Shots. Not sure what day will be the Shadows (remember they used to run on Saturdays).  Anyways, I also updated several other binders which will be used for posts along the way I just don't know when or how. I am looking forward to finishing up the January acquisitions this week and hopefully cleaning up February next week. We'll see.

Now let's trade some cardboard (okay plastic too).

Not a whole bunch tonight with just 3 scans. 

Alrighty then, next week finishes up the team portion of this year's trade nights doing the New York Yankees.

Monday, March 25, 2024

The rest of the book cases and then some, lol.

 Friday I promised to give a preview of the progress I have made inside my home (and a few in the garage). Here they are.

The book case on the left is for my Bowman and the one on the right is for my Fleer.

Left to right: Donruss & Leaf, Score, Pinnacle, & Chronicles, Upper Deck and Pacific.

As you can see some of those have lots of cards lurking around to be bindered. All of those binders will also have to be re-done at some point just not even a thought right now.


This little case is for a good bit of my mini-collections. Working on those now. This one will look similar to the big book shelves once the task is completed.

This one is in my living room and houses some of my Star Wars toys and cards along with my grand sons Pokemon, my Wacky Packages and a lot of my mini collections.

These two shelves are for my Player Collections. The top one is one that obviously had been bindered although I have purged a few players from them. The bottom scan is one that the players have been checked against my list and need added to the binders. Again, I purged those as well.

Okay, these are the cards for my PC that I still need to check against my lists to see if I need them. The cards in the bottom photo pertain to just the top two shelves with the "shoe boxes". The rest on that rack are trade cards. The top scan the cards on the pool table have yet to be sorted in any way whatsoever, whereas the shoeboxes have made it through round 1 of  my sorting process. Now you can see why I am so far behind with those that it is hard to even get motivated to do anything with them.

A quick trip back to my living room has the 3 book cases for my Topps set builds. The 2 on the left have the flagship and the one on the right have the high end sets like Tribute, Chrome Platinum, Finest, Triple Threads, Museum, Inception, and Stadium Club. I'm sure I left a few out. The fox his name is "BUD". My dad had him dome when I was 10 years old. He seen him get run over on the highway. My mom after we left my dad (again) held onto him until her passing. All of my kids grew up with BUD, and now my grandson Elijah get's to enjoy him as well. His mom (Hunter) gets a bit grossed out because E kisses the fox. The little guy likes the little guy.

Now let's go back to the garage for a minute.

This racks contain the majority of my trade boxes (99% baseball).

The boxes above contain "future PC" guys that I still need to purge some players from.

The above boxes contain nothing but rookies that I do actually purge them every 4-5 years. 

These are more trade boxes (not the loose cards on top) that don't have any place on the racks. Back to the living room for one last one.

Those cards are for my birthday binders that haven't been checked against the lists yet. Yes, the loose cards in the very back go all the way to the ground.

I think that is a good enough update n my re-organization of my cards.  Keep in mind this doesn't show my Braves dupes, and other misc. stuff. One day I'll get to that, one day.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Happy Friday!

 Looks like we've made it through another week. Looking forward to a couple of days doing nothing. I have finished the Braves book shelf....sort of. I still need to maneuver some non card items around from several of my book shelves, but for now I am good. I'm going to do a quick post tonight with what that book shelf looks like, with a few other scans thrown in to give you folks an idea of what I am dealing with getting things in some sort of  organization.

Okay what is on the top shelf are my Braves 1906-1989. (The 3 binders on the bottom right are the 80's). It took 3 binders to get them all in and I still have some more to add to those books.

The 2nd row/shelf are all 1990's. Again I still have a shoebox of Braves left to put into the binders.

The 3rd shelf is for 2000-2009.

The 4th is where things start to "expand". By which I mean the binders are fuller and can't hold much more for several of them. years 2010-2018. 2018 actually has 2 binders.

The 5th shelf (bottom) holds years 2019-2024. Again most years are taking up 2 binders but at least they now have room for growth. With the shelf being full/complete 2025 poses a new situation where I am undecided as to how to deal with it. I will probably clear off the top and use that for at least 5 years. This shelf also does NOT contain another Braves binder... my mini collection of "Braves in the Background". I will have to put that one with most of the other "mini collections" More on that Monday. Then I still have to binder up my odd ball items like ticket stubs, parking passes, coins, bottle caps, chipz, large cards etc., and other misc. stuff which will ultimately join the Braves in the Background.

Now, I do have the rest of my book shelves loaded in the files to show them and where I am heading with those. I'll do that on Monday too.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

A vintage trade with Bo.

 Recently Bo and I did a large swap. Vintage goodies going both ways.

Yes, My 75' set is complete. These 4 were needs for the 75' Topps mini set build.

I will have to upgrade a few of these at some later date, but for now they have been marked off the needs lists.

The cards below were and are the keys for me. Vintage O-Pee-Chee!

The card backs are why I like OPC so much. As for the 91' I needed it too.

Bo also sent other cards, but the ones above are the highlights.