Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday and feeling a little odd. And the almost daily FREE card giveaway!

 The winner last night was Adam.

I have had these sets for at least a decade now, or some of the sets anyway. They were the perforated ones though. 

7 of these are PC guys plus a maybe guy.

7 of this group are PC guys including the Braves Warren Spahn.

7 of this group too. Must be a trend.

Broke the trend this time with 8 PC guys.

Nine of this batch make the normal PC (must be a NL thing). I am a National League guy. The only hold out was Al Rosen who is still a guy I collect, just not the so called normal PC binders. He makes the list for being a Leap year guy! A small but enjoyable little mini collection of him and several others. 

Have a great weekend, I am going to another card show for the third weekend in a row (will wind up being at least 4 or 5 in a row). What is great about this show tomorrow, IT IS IN OCALA, yippee. No long drive just a half an hour commute across town right beside the interstate. I hope the show is great too, lol. 

Thursday, March 23, 2023

More odd balls, yep gonna be running this stuff for a while. Tonight Pete Rose.

 The winner last night was: Sharp with back to back wins.

Now Let's get to some odd balls. Specifically, the Renato Galasso designed by Topps Pete Rose set.

Still hard for me to see Pete Rose as an Expo. The last 30 cards have a puzzle on the back. It is a huge puzzle. Six cards one way and five the other. No way to scan it, and I'm not using my phone for that. Basically it is his Topps cards from each year through the release with an action shot at the bottom.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Odd balls anyone? Plus the FREE cards too!

 The winner last night was: John Sharp

Before I get into the "boxes" I brought back from the Jax March show (BTW I am returning 3 of them as was agreed to with the seller when I bought them). I am going to start the ODD BALL portion from the total haul. There is a tremendous amount of odd balls, that will last for a couple of months by themselves. Even a week dedicated to Yankees, and one to Dodgers. Just not this week, lol.

This was an 11 card set issued by Motorola in 1976.  The card stock is really thin paper like and the cards have a slight curl to them. The backs are just Motorola stuff.

I had bought three full binders of nothing but odd ball sets. The 1989 Jr. set above has 16 cards, and I am pretty sure I may have already had it. Either way there were 2 full sets in one of the binders. I do have one available to trade.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Back to the SHOW

 Last night's winner was: Adam (from Ohio). Adam is a brand new follower here at the blog, and former and now once again blogger himself. Adam I will need your address and please let me know your favorite teams and /or players. Thank you. 

I will say this about, it seems like every time a new name is plugged in they usually win. It at least feels that way after doing this drawing for 8 months. Random is what random is.... I guess.

Okay now let's get back to the what will be the never ending March Jax. card show, lol. I had made mention last week that I was going to show the 2023 PC guys from that first box (the .50 box) that I bought 1/2 the box (baseball only) the other half was FB and BKB after I did my Braves. Here they are.

I am only showing the non base cards as we have pretty much seen enough. Cease isn't a PC guy or Musgrove, but they were nice cards to fill the space.

I was excited to grab this box because it had nearly the complete 2023 Topps base set with all of these wonderful inserts. However....

Bottom row is for my Trophy Cup collection. I did get Harris and Witt, but they went to the set build. Actually I pulled two Harris but the first one went to the Braves team set.

Shiny rainbow foil.

Gold foil, gold, blue, and a vintage stock parallel.

Mike Trout is the chrome version.

Quite a few of these 88' throwbacks.

One blue parallel and one silver pack.  Did you forget that I left you hanging a minute ago?  You know where I left off with However....?

I also mentioned last week that I was heading to another show (Apopka) this past weekend and I did. Won't be doing that too often, but there is a HUG flea market close by that I may hit up from time to time. Anyways, The first purchase I made at the Apopka show (BTW: it is a monthly show held at the Bahia Shrine Club) threw that out there as yesterday was Masonic Monday. The first purchase came from a dealer who had six (6) partial sets of 2023 Topps series 1. Also 6 identical in the count and cards. 315 of the 330 cards in the set. $5.00, that's right five bucks! I bought one, even though I didn't need it. They were in order too. Easy to see what was missing.  

Other than that I made only two more buys (technically three), but from two sellers. I will eventually get those scanned and posted, but only the highlights.