Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Moving messes

The new normal for most people is "staying home". Well, that pretty much has been my everyday for many years now. I'm good with that, no big deal. Abandoning my business several years ago to care first for mom, and then my uncle was a no brainer. Family first....no matter what. I wouldn't change a thing. Well, yes I would.

You see the last 4 years has found me spending 99.999999999% of my time in Valdosta, GA. Away from cards for the most part. What has happened over the last 4 years with nothing to do all day but mess with my cards, was increase the size of my collection 10 fold. That might be exaggerated but not by much. Problem: Collection back home, new arrivals here. What I allowed to happen, just throw them in boxes, then dump them at home on a day trip. No not putting them up or where they needed to be, just drop the boxes in my bedroom. I'll get to them later when I have time.

Before the Corona-virus became a reality pandemic, I clearly stated in my 2020 collecting goals about straightening up the "mess" in my bedroom back home while at the same time get things more organized. Didn't need that damn virus to force the issue. I have some pictures for you to peruse of the mess I moved from Ocala to Valdosta. Keep in my mind this is only a third of my "Keeper" collection. Not Dupes and tradeables. I keep plenty trade stuff/giveaway cards here, but have a garage full back home of those too.

These are the binders I've put together over the last 6 weeks. The cards inside used to be stored in these:

These are the empties and not all of them. Now for the cards that have yet to be placed in binders.

The 3 rows on the left are Bowman. The 2 rows on the right are O-Pee-Chee.

The boxes on the edge of the bed are Donruss, and those behind them are Upper Deck.

Here you have Topps, Leaf, and then more Topps farthest away.

These are Fleer, Score, and Pinnacle.

These are some of the Stadium Club, I forgot about another stash area, oops.  Below those on the ground (not scanned) are Pacific.

Here are some more Topps cards not in boxes and and 1 big stack of Upper Deck. The box has 9/16 birthday cards.

Now the supplies.

Blue binders.

Black binders.

Burgundy binders. Now I need to order two case of pages.  Then there will be more empty boxes. So even getting things done can be messy. I'll have to do something with all those empties before I bring another third of the collection up here to be placed in binders. Whenever I get back home on a permanent basis, I'll have to have some custom book shelves installed to house all of those binders.

There you have the mess I moved from Ocala to Valdosta.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Galasso Greats series 2

Released in 1979.

Gotta love the Bambino in a Braves uniform.

I'll post series 3 sometime next week.

Be safe, Wash those hands.........again.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Saturday, March 28, 2020

April sign up (on this post)

Time to start signing up for the Friday Big Fun Games for the month of April. Last Friday was as smooth as hot molasses, and could only be improved slightly to melted butter. Dang now I'm hungry.

Need 20 (twenty) players.

Something different

Before I get to the different stuff, let me just say How great the Friday Big Fun Game went last night. That is what I was talking about. It even got a late(r) start, close to the 9 pm deadline (8:58), had 2 steals, and everyone showed up and we were done by before bedtime. Completely done   YIPPEE!

I also want to re-iterate my original commitment post to doing this game, smaller  varied prizes (and fewer players) should lead to some inter-player trading, and that has happened, so YIPPEE on that front too. Great Game and thanks to all of this weeks participants. I will be putting next months sign up in tomorrow. I will be looking for 20 (twenty) players again that will be split up over each Friday for the month of April.

Now, to the something different.

Several years back before I came up to Valdosta, GA. I had a trading buddy in Macon, GA. He is another John, but goes by TEE. He reached out last week, let him know I was a bit closer, and BAM, I got a box yesterday from him. Without further ado........It's TEE time:

1968 Coke caps, these 4 Braves can join the lonely Hank Aaron cap that I have. Not your everyday mail.

1993 Baseball Aces. I did already have the Pendleton, but needed the Glavine. In fact Tee sent the sealed deck, complete. So about 45ish cards for the PC too.

I previously had just 2 of the 2002 Bryan Braves cards, now 1 more. I already had an Andruw Jones coin from 1997 Pinnacle mint, now the base set is complete with this Maddux and Chipper. Of course there are several parallel coins including solid silver and real gold plated coins, but it is unlikely that I will ever own those. Tee also sent the Smoltz can from Pinnacle Inside.

More oddballs.
1993 Cracker Jack of Fulton County Stadium.
A pair of 89' Topps sticker backs ( I already had the Zane Smith but needed to cross it off the wantlist).
And an 87' Topps sticker with Oberkfell.

All in all definitely different. Great stuff, thanks Tee! I hope your reading this.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Gavin pulls a double steal, thus ending the game. Dk gets #5 by default.

he stole back the Mick, and because DK has already had his steal he is left prize #5.

A "rough" around the edges Jeter Rookie and a Ryan.

DK I need your mailing address.
Now this is how the game is supposed to be played. HUGE Thank You to all participants!

Gavin gets another go

Gavin take #5 or steal anything you want.

Trevor P. steal or keep

what will it be?

and the other jonny picks 4

and opens up

a six pack of old timers.

Trevor P, you now have an opportunity to steal or keep what you have.

Jules picks 2


a six pack of 75' minis.

Jon (penny sleeves) you're up

The Mick was swiped. Julie you're up

The Diamond King took his only steal and scooped the Mick. Julie you're up pick 2, 4, 5 or steal. Every prize can be stolen twice, but each player can only steal once. Gavin will get another go after Trevor P decides to steal or keep what he has.

DefGav picked 3. DK you're up

and that is

A Mantle vintage 67' checklist, this is the plain " . " version.

Diamond King you're up.  Pick or steal

That was close was putting on my boots. Trevor picked


a pair of oldies.

Gavin you're up pick or steal.

Trevor P time is running out.

Let's get it going

Let the FUN begin

Time to start playing.

First up: Trevor P

followed by


Thursday, March 26, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Galasso Greats series 1

I have exactly half of the 270 card set that ran from 1977-1984. I have 1-135. Over the next few weeks I'll show those 3 sets. They are plain, but I like them, has that 60's Leaf, Golden Press appeal, heck looks like them on the front anyway.

Series 1: Released in 1977:

Keeping these as a set was a tough choice for me, as nearly every player belongs in my PC.

Fortunately the singles show up in dime and quarter boxes often.

That works for me and my minty mint set can stay together, well the half that I have.

I do hope to complete the last 3 sets, but not at the prices I see online.

No, I will wait until I see one for $5.00 or close to it at a show someday.

Hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Wacky Wednesday

Variations series 9, the last thus far from this series. I do believe that The Underground will release several more this year. No worries because next week I will start another non-Topps release of Wackys (Silly Supermarket Stickers).

On to the show: I own the tan set supposedly limited to just ten sets, (I seriously doubt it).

The wrapper and a card back.

That's all folks.