Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wacky Wednesday ANS 1 part 2

Finishing off the Series 1 Wacky Packages.

That wraps the base stickers 1-55. Now to the ..........

These are the puzzles.

As promised the backs are wacky too, at least the ones that have "coupon" backs.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My FIRST SuperTraders package.

Huge thanks go out to Brain over at HSCA for sending me my first SuperTraders package. I've highlighted a few for you.

Some 2016's for me.

I had the Black bordered version of the Anderson. Now I have the base.

2014 Gold. Beckett lists a gold and a gold foil. I'm not sure which one this is.


1981 Police Athletic League. and a Miller.

Brian threw in a non Braves Miller card too from the 1975/76 Great Plains Greats. BTW Bing is the nickname for John Edmund Miller.  

Thanks Brian.

Monday, June 20, 2016

A SECRET & Last of the Braves Big Deal cards

I'm going to wrap up the Braves needed cards pulled from those huge boxes last month.

Slipped 2 weeks worth in just so I could wrap this portion up, This portion, yeah no matter how much from those boxes I've shown, it doesn't include the 5000 + Binder guys (PC). Good news is .......
I decided just going to show off a couple of posts with those. I went through and grabbed just a few cards of each player that I thought worthy, bad news is I showed close to half of them already in the first highlights. Oh well. 2 posts or so and this series is finished. AHHHHHHH.

Oh yeah, the SECRET.   I paid nada, nothing, zero..... For these cards, close to 50, 000 in all, but I dumped the football and basketball on my buddy Bob.  The guy literally said he was going to throw them away. I said whoa buddy don't do that..  He also offered up about 2 dozen 3" binders but I turned them down as they were the ones that look like a basketball. I should have taken them for Bob too, but I was already overwhelmed.   FREE...  LOVE IT!