Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

Here are a few cards I find interesting for one reason or another, sometimes they are wacky, sometimes its just me.

The other day I was reading a blog about the wild thang, and it made me stop and look st these cards. His first yr/rc in TX, just a baby face. From this card, I can see this "kid" maybe doing something stupid, but get nicknamed "Wild Thang", I would've never imagined.

Now here with what looks like his first walk into practice as a Cubbie, here he's getting a little wilder looking.

A year later and he just looks cocky, or confident, yeah thats the word.

 Another baby face. Baby face Ruffin. Just 18 years old here and barely at that.

One of the best Pudge rookie/1st yr cards I believe.  He's not looking purdgy here for sure.

A couple of GooStaches caught my eye.

A couple more staches, but I picked these for their amazing resemblances. Wacky hair, staches, eye shape, face structure, hey if I didnt know better I 'd say they were 1st cousins.   LOL. Okay, just me being Wacky.

Cesar, you and that hat/cap just ain't getting it done.

Thats the way to wear the cap Charlie.

Inge sure looks angry here, or maybe thats his "what did you say" look.

You know, if I was a pitcher and had a rookie card, I could not have asked for a better one. I'd be proud of this one for sure.
 A couple of Ryan from what appears tobe they same photo shoot, maybe even the same pitch.

I'm not exactly why I scanned this card, it could've been because I left the Garibay out of the 2/14 cards, or maybe it's the turtleneck on Ruben there, just don't know.

A totally awesome early shot of Ankiel, look at that grip. It would have been nice to see a hitting pitcher stay on the mound for 20-22 years. Imagine the numbers that could have been.

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