Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shadow Shots

I hope that everyone's weekend has started off well.

Let us see what the shadows show us today.

Besides being vintage, i see an upside bucket right as if Hale could sit on it.. Or it could be a top hat.

A kitty.

A dinosaur.

Not really sure, but very cool shadow!

A running dinosaur.

A scuba diver.

a witch's hat.

A rabbitt (really long ears)

Either the cent symbol or a crescent moon.

A Mahjongg tile symbol or Asian character.

No clue, but cool all the same.

One from my favorites, teletubby.

Maybe one  more post of shadow shots, could be two. For now, I plan on using Saturday as a general post day, or maybe a day off, hehe, just kidding.


  1. I like looking at the card and guessing what you see in the shadow before scrolling down to read it. I guessed teletubby on that last one and was right! haha

  2. The brontosaurus on Jeff king might be my favorite so far...