Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Mini's (Collections)

Yepper, another week has begun, and sure enough I go and spill rather knock over two stacks of turning two cards. So I apologize in advance if some of those have appeared here before and for the few dupes that got scanned  too. ( I scanned a lot of them just to get them done).

But first I will start with some "Causing a Stir" cards.

The top card is certainly a dust bowl, and has two former Braves! The bottom card is a nice little vintage stir.

Another vintage stir and a turning two (you might have to look twice to see the fielder covered in the dust or least his head sticking up), and the bottom is a double hit too as it's also a play at the the plate. (Keep in mind that these are not mini collections of my own, but some that as I get set aside for other traders). Remembering our trade partners is another way of keeping this fantastic hobby of ours FUN!

Some more "multi hits" Fermin is also turning two, White is "Playn Dirty", and looks like a caught stealing.

Let's try a few "Playn Dirty" cards now.

Ripken turns two and is playn dirty! Dykstra is easy find playn dirty cards, he always played hard. Not much needs to said about that third card other than a dirty practice shirt, great shot.

What can I say, some really good dirt.

John has to be one of the dirtiest I've seen. Got to love the cameo pitcher hitting the deck on the last card.

Well, it's time for some straight up turning twos (Calling this one PART 1)

Again I apologize for the doubles.

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  1. Great post. I love reading about the different ways people collect cards.