Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Shout Outs

Time for a normal post. Between Thursday and Saturday the mail lady was kind to me x7.

We got a couple of PWEs in from reader Mark, a couple more from an OCTer (Chuck), a couple of Listia wins, a one for the February contest, lol.  Mark Hoyle, whom you've all read about by now sent along these.

The three cards on the left side were all UPGRADES for cards that recently came in, nice. Mark added 4 more 1975 minis too.

Mark also sent along these, steadily knocking off cards from 70's needs.

And Mark sent these as well. Check out the look on Bo.  I appreciate each and everyone, thanks!

The Gomez card top right came courtesy of Tom from "The Angels in Order" fame. And those Target red parallels were a Listia win, hmm is that a Beltre, oh and 2 Braves! That 69 Rookie was a Listia win too.

These are 9 of 12 cards sent by Chuck over at  (the other 3 were dupes)

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