Friday, March 21, 2014

Thursday trade day

Monday and Wednesday brought some goodies to view.

The above 18 plus 2 more cards came from my mother. Apparently mom stopped by a dollar store, while there seen a pack of cards on the ground picked them up and said hey there's a lot more cards in this pack than all of the others, so she bought it for me.  Low behold 3 braves in a 20 card repack. Nice Sutton card too. Oh look a fist bump.

Not too much aging with Chambliss, but check out Bobby on that 81. (from Ethan)

Scan 3 and 4 above came from Ethan (playing with my cards). Looks like a section of condiments, relish, ketchup, and mustard.

Now the remaining cards came from Chunter (John Haynes) and reader Joe Frecker.

Mercker is bunting.

2 Purple refractors

That Otis Nixon (Alex Cole error) right side middle above was pretty cool to add to the pc. Gold card. A bunt too.

There were more from these 2, but these are the binder hits. Thank you very much!!!!!

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