Sunday, March 2, 2014


Got 5 packages/PWEs in the last 3 days.  3 Listia wins, 1 Ebay, and 1 from an OCTer. Lets start with that one.

Doug from sent me these 2014 Topps

I had one base card already, and the other 2 base (plus extras) are en route. That is a 1969 2014 Topps buyback there too, sweet!  Down to just the 1 Upper Class 38 now. I also won 3 base sets (Braves) and a gold parallel on Ebay but those aren't in yet, Hey couldn't pass it up for $2.92 delivered. And I didn't even need them other than the gold card, but you couldn't buy 2 packs for that.

Here's a couple Listia wins.

Needed all 3.

I needed 8 of the 9 above. Nice gold parallel for the Victory. I didn't know they existed until I got this one in. More to collect, lol.  I also won a Doug Martin (football, Tb Bucs) rookie card for 112 credits, but didn't scan it..

This last group came from an Ebay win. But first Let me tell you that I paid $3.75 delivered for all 41 Braves cards, vintage 1972 through 1976. And all but 16 of these cards made it into one of the Braves 13 unique binders!

These were all binder 3 needs, yeah!

The Miller card I had, but needed the double for my "Miller" collection. And yeah that's Aaron #300 in action, a card that I needed too. It's in poor condition, but if you don't have one it's better than not having it! Aaron is also card #299 in the 72 set, which I do have, but like this one needs upgraded (it was trimmed).

Speaking of Upgrades,

A couple of these were put into the binders as upgrades, most were not.

.Neibauer and jackson were placed in the Franken-set

More upgrades and doubles, but the Lersch made the Franken-set and the Johnson made the January 30 collection..

Paul made the Franken-set too. The last three (of the 41 cards) were cards for binder 2 (my brother's).

Overall quite a haul for $3.75 delivered.  That would make a "dime-boxer" like Nick very proud. I know I am.

See ya tomorrow night with some mini collections!

Push the February Contest for me (last Wednesday's post), so we can get it closed out and cards pulled and mailed. Thanks!


  1. I can upgrade that 72 Cepeda and Aaron IA if you would like

    1. I absolutely would appreciate that very much! Thank you. Your PWE should be there by now, and the flat rate box will be mailed this week. (more to follow after that including those minis.)

  2. Sending you the 1981 Topps #477 for the contest. Email me your address.