Saturday, March 1, 2014

Shadow shots

Okay my mind isn't seeing a lot of weird things this week in the shadows, but here goes anyways.

Not to many shadow shots while the turning third. Here I see a bird, (the finger bird that is).

A crab. If the shadow could be in color, I bet it would be BLUE.

A question mark      ?

I have no clue why I scanned this one, I don't even like it. I guess it sort of weird.

Your guess is as good as mine.

I got this one..... A monkey on the run.  Great shot with the batter as well.

Oh look another Olympic torch, lol. I think that it has other possibilities too.

An upside down "u" or you could say a reverse "n"

The Escobar is one that I posted in my favorites post. It isn't my favorite, but one of them. Today I see a bearded dragon.

Just a nice shadow, although you could argue that it looks like Faries has boobs there.

Another great shadow. Like someone practicing karate. Wax on Wax off, I'm not sure.

It's dark, but I see nothing else

 Here is another card I can't remember what I saw, but I did before.

 Sid made the scan because it looks like he's missing half of his body. A half man I guess. Of course it could be anything else too, especially if it were rotated.

Hee hee. A scaredy cat. You know what I'm talking about.

Here just because it is a play at the wall shadow.

Looks like a stiffy, the shadow. Get your minds out of the gutter

Finishing up here with this one. I kindly remind you that I have a somewhat warped mind or sense of humor. You can think about what you see here, but this shadow makes me think about the movie "Entrapment" with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Yeah you know the scene that I'm talking about..... The butt scene, where she is sliding under the lasers in those very tight and nicely fit leather pants. Yeah!!!


  1. Any man who can see Catherine Zeta-Jones in Doug Drabek's shadow has some special talents!

    1. Ethan, it only makes me think of her in that particular movie and scene. LOL

  2. Every time you have "shadow" posts, I try to see if we match up. Today... we both saw a "crab" in Eck's shadow.

    1. Kenny, my brain wasn't working for the most part. LOL