Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday "mini" Madness

Madness, I say!, Pure madness.  Back to reality, tonights minis are from my personal collection.
Autographs, primarily Braves with just a few non Braves. I don't have many (hint, hint, hint), but what I have I will share with you tonight.

Bielecki, Helms, and P.Smith.

Eichhorn, Lonnie, and Benedict.

Zane, Olson, and Marak.

I haven't done the TTM in 22 years, I'd like to get back into that...Gladly take advice/suggestions where to start (for addresses) at least the Braves, but pretty much anyone.

A nice trio here with James, Avery, and a recently elected HOFer in the Glavine.

Puleo, A. Devine, and Herr.

McBride, Bonnell, and a serial numbered Bowie.

Perez and Peraza.


I know, sucks, wearing a Reds and an Astros uniform (on the front), but the cards back calls them Atlanta Braves cards. Take a look.


Now for a few non-Braves.

Another sweet trip, with the Karros, Baerga, and Ecks!

Nice foursome.

When I traded for these two (Beckett), they were listed as Braves, darn it, but hey a white swatch on one of them.

Another dual auto/jersey card.

That Duckworth was hot when I got it, LOL.
Now the last four are photos, Murphy here is larger than an 8x10 and the other 3 are 8x10s.

Nice personalization by Mr. Murphy!

Andruw, I have two.


Leo Mazzone.

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