Saturday, March 15, 2014


Okay that was fun. Here is a little extra blurb to post about. I recently did some research as to he recent issue of cards going backwards 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008. I researched the Braves cards only, and here are the breakdowns. WOW! I need a lot of cards.

The picture is unrelated to this post, just thought I drop one in there. That's me next to the pretty cowgirl, I'm wearing the suit! This was a college trip to Dallas TX back in 97. Long story short, later that very evening me and the cowgirl went to a Neil McCoy concert (yes country music, I like all music) and Troy Aikman was there and had a bit to drink and got up onstage and was singing with Neil. It was hilarious. So I tied the picture to Sports. Now on the the breakdown

In 2013 there were 5,287 Atlanta Braves cards (notice no mention of Miluakee or Boston regarding possible inserts).
There were only 325 base cards, and 678 inserts in that huge number above. Of the base and inserts parallels were also released (duh), and those corresponding numbers are 2,222 base parallels, and 2,062 insert parallels.  What????

Topps made the most with 4,595 and Panini 692.
There were 1,025 memorabilia cards.
There were 4,071 serial numbered cards.
There were 1,013 autographed cards of which 545 were "on card"
There were, get this 27 rookie cards (some of the same players in the different sets mind you)

Topps Triple Threads   711 cards
Topps flagship              436
Bowman                       363
Bowman Chrome          213
Bowman Draft              195
Bowman Chrome Draft 221
Topps Gypsy Queen     314
Topps Chrome              231
Topps A & G               207
Topps Tribute              194

Now if you add these Topps numbers up they come out to 2,909 far from the 4,595. I will have to dig some more to find the other sets counts. It's not hard so no biggie.

For a team Collector as I am, you would think that maybe if you try to get them all a few hundred, but not close at all. That kind of sucks!, But, at the same time it keeps you going to. If I could ever get close to those kinds of numbers, i would need at least one super sized Binder for each year!

Now for 2012

There were 4,370 Atlanta Braves cards issued.
Topps 3,905
Panini  417
Leaf       48

Base cards   279 with another 1,730 parallels
Insert cards  769 with another 1,592 parallels
Memorabilia   1,010
Serial #d        3,262
Autos             964 with 401 on card
Rookies            29

Again, 1 year and another 4.4K in unique Braves cards... 

I will give the breakdown for 2011 and 2010  then 2009 and 2008 over a couple more posts.


  1. Good thing I'm not a team collector. That would be way to many cards to chase.

  2. As a team collector. If I do,chase anything it will be base sets. I will continue to chase anything else pre 85,

    1. Mark, you know I set any (Red Sox) I get off to the side for you.

  3. Ya I know that.. Believe me I appreciate any Sox card out there

  4. When you're finished... can you break down the A's and Padres too? Great job on collecting this data. Can't believe there are so many cards out there for team collectors to track down.