Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Trade day

A repetitive theme for today I see. Last Tuesday had a better response than the previous weeks. So before I switch up to something "new" different, I thought I put another group of cards from my Braves want list.

Also a REMINDER that we still need  an A's, Rays/Marlins, Royals/Jays, Rangers/Astros, Tigers/Indians, Orioles, Diamondbacks, Giants, Cubs, Pirates/Phillies, Rockies/Cardinals, Reds, and Padres slot filled for the contest that started last Wednesday. 

Looking to make a trade this week for any oddball Braves cards, inserts, parallels (rainbows), SPs, Kellogg's, Hostess, Drakes. Just lmk what you have and I will get back quick as to whether I need it. If I do I will trade in your favor!

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