Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Shout outs

Well, Thursday through Saturday didn't bring a lot of cards in but several PWES (x6). First up tonight are Listia wins there were 4 total, 3 for 1 card each, and these three from Listia and low and behold if it isn't from one of our own bloggers, Tom (Angels in Order).

Inserts are my second most desired card when opening packs, so I bid on these not realizing it was one of us. I occasionally see one of us listing cards. As for the 3 Hall of Golds, well they are inserts, 1 is a Brave, and the The Tettleton goes into my 9/16 binder.

These 3 were each separate ( I don't know why I bid on that Murphy, as I already have it, must of been super cheap! But not as cheap as this.....

i picked this less than well cared for vintage Buhl off of Ebay for .79 delivered. Sure it has a couple of creases, but like I always say, it is better than not having one at all.

The last package came from our reigning New Blogger of the year Gavin, aka defgav (Baseball Card Breakdown). Gavin didn't send random Braves, he actually picked at my needs list.  Gavin also sent me this altered "glow in dark"  Brave too. I must say it is my first, lol.

No worries, about there not being a lot of cards tonight, as I took a little trip today and picked up close to 5,000 cards, give or take.

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