Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shadow Shots

Awe, coming to an end soon Shadow Shots may have another 3 or 4 weeks. It is getting a little boring even though I thoroughly enjoy the shadow cards. After 2 months of a once week, this one seems to bother me a bit. Maybe once in a blue moon show some. We'll see.

Just showing off another piece of vintage with a shadow shot on it. Nothing special otherwise (although he was a former Brave).

The Eiland is just a great shadow card period.

Snoopy?? Okay, turn it sideways and a star fighter.

A smooth Hang glider, actually seems peaceful.

Woverine's fingers.

A Dolphin swimming.

An small elephant blowing his nose like a trumpet  >>>>>>>

A closed umbrella.

Mr Leach has 4 cards here, all with different pointy shadows. Looks like a pincher.

this one is really cool, wish it was much darker. Like an alien hand or something.

The Leach above blows my mind. If you see something in the shadow above lmk. (other than a table with vase on it).

My notes say Native American (American Indian) on the run.


  1. Eiland's shadow reminds me of someone doing a finger roll layup. And the Leach looks like a vase on the back of a puma.