Monday, March 17, 2014

Mini Madness

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I had a jury summons for today, and after 2 rounds of questions I was dismissed around noonish. Hey I tried to do my civic duty, and I wore Green too, LOL.
In honor of this holiday (and others) tonight's post will be focused on players born on certain holidays. I try to collect the rookie of each player in the chosen holidays, however I have many that are not rookies (yet)

Might as well start off with todays birthday March 17.

I had the stats to go with march 17th birthdays. Oh well there are somewhere around 50 players ever, with half modern baseball   1952-present). I will have to get those stats later for now 6/25

Now we will start with January 1st and move forward normally through the year, caution not all holidays accounted for, just some I choose.

1/1 has 54 players in baseball history of which 22 were from 1952 to present. 7/22

Now for the Valentines Day.

51 players in total with 24 1952-present         9/24

April Fool's Day:

A Brave, whoop whoop, and Phil too! There were 45 total and 26 from 1952-present. 5/26

June 14th. Flag Day! Most people don;t even know about this Holiday, yet it is one of the few that the date is constant. Tonight I have the birthday boys for this date, but when 6/14 rolls around I'll be out the flag cards.

Missing stats here too   4/??

Independence Boys

I have a tenth card of Jeff Harris rookie also.
There 47 total and 25 from 1952-present   10/25


and more (love that Fred McGriff rookie!)

53 total 35 modern day   13/35

Veteran's Day 11/11

No stats yet  9/??

Christmas Boys

I didnt write these stats down either.  12/??

Birthdates are a great way to add a mini collection. It is also a sweet way to remember someones birthday too. But it doesn't have to be a birthday, it could be an anniversary or other significant date in history or your personal life.

For instance, some people may feel like collecting players born on March 16th (yesterday) also referencing John 3:16 or any other bible verse that will work for you. Maybe you like 4/20. It is easy and it is fun. No huge lists of cards to chase (just go for the earliest possible) From playing around with the birthdates on average each date will have 50 ish total player with only about half of them having obtainable cards. I also have basketball and football. I meant to mix them altogether.


  1. Hey, I've got some cards of me coaching my daughter's softball team if you want one for your 3/17 collection...

    1. Happy Birthday Ethan, and sure feel free to send me one.