Friday, March 14, 2014

Frankly ma'am I don''t give a, okay yes I do. It's Franken Friday!!!!!!!

This week totally blew by. But hey the weekend is here and now a little r&r time.

Page 19: 9/9 completed

A very nice overall group of cards, good mix of product. Other than the Justice dupe nice player mix. I actually like the 1994 Topps Archives card better than the 1973 vintage on this page. Just a cooler card.

Page 20: 7/9

 We lost out to Fleer on the product, but the players are all different so far. I actually NEED another one of those Dayley cards. I have the 1 in the Fleer Binder, and this one in the Franken set Binder, but I now need 1 for the birthday binder. (Happens again next week too).

Page 21:  5/9

Nice Neikro. Got a bunt going on there with Benedict. And two totally different catcher shots! Hard to say if McCann is smiling or what. Not really sure what Olson is doing.

See ya tomorrow with some Shadow Shots!

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