Sunday, March 16, 2014


The team collector's nightmare for sure. But 2011 and 2010 were not as unkind as 2012 and 2013. In fact, 2009 isn't that bad either. However, 2008 is by far the worst I've tracked thus far!  Remember, this DOES NOT include any of the oddball sets that get produced either.

Another "blast from the past"

I can tie this one to sports (a baseball game) also. Back in the Day (college) I was fortunate enough to be a school representative from (sophomore on) for a very distinguished fraternity, thus allowing me 4-5 trips per year (lasted about 2.5 yrs I graduated in 98). The pic above is one from a week trip to N. Providence Rhode Island, summer 1996, specifically Brown College. It was a very "fun" week for sure (this was my first trip with the group). BTW the school and org. paid for everything, sort of, hehe. Anyways, We had a mid week break, and I opted to go into Boston. There were courtesy bus rides throughout the day, many people opted to go to the big NY. Longer story short, I met up with another pretty girl, Toni. She came from Texas and we wound up spending the entire day in Boston and never made it to the ball game (too many Irish Pubs), The Rangers were in town to play the Sox, this was a day game.  We missed the last shuttle back to the school too. Had to make our own accommodations for the night, we were smart educated young folks, although I was 26 we were able to remedy that. Hey, I tied it to baseball and fond memories.

On to the breakdown.

2011 issued 3,069 cards, 2 figures (by MacFarlane), and I Sport's Illustrated cover.
Topps 2,752 and Panini 300 ( I still need the find the last 17 cards)

Base                174 with 1,323 parallels
Inserts              544 with 1,031 parallels
Serial #d        2,356
Memorabilia     734
Autos               566 with only 98 being on card.

Some of the set breakdowns:

Topps   601
Topps Triple Threads 359
Bowman   332
Topps Gypsy Queen  276
Topps A & G  196
Bowman Chrome  170
Bowman Sterling    147
Bowman Chrome Draft   117
Playoff Contenders    112
Topps Tribute    109

2010 Breakdown

2,751 cards and 2 MacFarlane firgures.

Topps 2,610
Upper Deck 81
Panini  54 (Donruss Elite Extra Edition)

HMM! 3 manufacturer's and less cards, I LIKE THAT!!!!!! Now if we can just get Topps going in the right direction.

Base 226 with 1,463 parallels
Inserts 359 with 703 parallels
Ser #d  2,061
Mem  470
Autos  389 with 113 on card.

Set breakdown

Topps                            348 
Topps Update               217
Topps Triple Threads  258
Topps A & G                176
Topps 206                      249
Topps National Chicle  171
Topps Chrome              163
Topps Sterling              131
Bowman                        234
Bowman Chrome          101

Well I will hit you up with 08 & 09 in Part 3. (2008 is just plain ole foolish).


  1. Good luck with all that! Tell you what, you complete one of these years and I'll buy you a Guinness.

  2. Good Grief! I'll stick with my scatter-shot collecting.