Sunday, January 31, 2016

1975 Topps minis

I got my first batch of 1975 Topps minis in from a trade with a fellow OCTer  (JSG). I sent him 8 unopened wax packs of 1979 Topps Alien, he's real close to completing the set. He had picked up 400 of the minis, so I worked out a blind trade (he'd just send me a handful) and here is what I got. Highlighted by this one.

It is official I am now building this set, so feel free to "dump" the Brett and Yount on me.

I am going to need another Santo. I did already have those Braves in my team sets, so I am good on those now.

That's not a double Seaver. The rest (below) will need to be upgraded.

Shame on some of these, but it's better than not having one at all. Good news though, I have another 86 coming this week so maybe we will get them there plus some more to knock down on this full size set I've only just started.

What's on Deck for tomorrow. More minis, but only the 2015 Topps Braves minus just 1 measly card #349 a league leader card.


  1. Nice - I still haven't opened my pack of 75 Mini from the National - maybe I'll do that soon!

  2. The 1975 set is really cool. I bought a full-size set last year, but I'd like to build the mini set some day.

  3. Absolutely nothing better than '75 minis! I think I have a handful (5 or less) of extras for you.