Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Just a couple of Aaron's

Mail...I don't need no stinking mail.. Wait a minute, yes I do. The mail lady just dropped off these two Ebay pick ups.

1959 Topps, I'd give it a VG. No creases either.  Didn't quite make the Lincoln File (because of the shipping), but it was well packed and the seller spent $2.54.  I can't complain at all. Now this one goes into the Braves Team set. I still need 2 more of this one, and the same can be said for the card below. (1 for the set build, and 1 for the Aaron binder).

Light crease at the top near the babe's head (only on front), but still a VG card. 1973 Topps #1. This one did make the Lincoln File.

US $2.30
+ US $0.93

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