Monday, January 11, 2016

As I get older.....

The older I get, the more impatient I am getting. For instance: I recently won an Ebay auction for a 250+ count of 1975 Topps, that included not 1 but 2 George Brett RCs.  One of course was not in very good shape and the other was totally amazing. There were a lot of other stars too as you will see.

My problem is that the seller only sent 177 cards which 17 were lesser conditioned doubles (granted one of them was Brett). 17 dupes is not a problem, I was clearly expecting over 250 cards plus the dupes mentioned.  I contacted the seller, he apologized for his miscounting the cards and asked how he could make it right. I asked him what else he had. He messaged me back telling me what he had, so I responded back letting him know that the 1976 were of interest. He then followed that rsponse with a message letting me know that I should check out what he just listed on Ebay. Long story short (so we can look at some of those cards).....6 days of messaging, but still hasn't offered me anything to make it square.  After, looking at the cards I show you here, let me know what you would do.

Outside of the key cards (and most of them were included), and the doubles the rest of the cards were EX-MT, I mean beautiful 1975s. No I didn't scan them due to volume just take my word for it.

These are some of the doubles, even a some of them are in pretty nice shape.

That's the dupes.

 BTW here are the numbers I got:

1 Aaron,2 Lou Brock needs replaced, 14,19,28,36,37,38,52,54,56,58,76, 80 Fisk, 85,99,102,110,118,119,122,123,125,129,132,134,141,
143, 149,153,154,164,166,168,172,187,188,193,197,199,205,209,211,214,216,224,226, 228x2 Brett RC,
231,236,237,246,249,252,256,258,262,265,272,275,287,289,300 Reggie, 303,305, 308 needs replaced, 309 needs replaced, 313, 314, 315 needs replaced, 317, 331, 334, 335 Palmer, 340 needs replaced, 341, 344, 347, 349 needs replaced, 354, 359, 363, 365 needs replaced, 366,368, 372, 385,
386,391,392,400,402,410,413,417,419,423,425,431,438,443,447,448,450 McCovey, 457, 458, 460,
464,465,466, 467,468, 474 needs replaced, 491,496,498,499, 507, 511 needs replaced, 513, 514, 517, 519, 527, 533,535,536,541,546,549,553,558,559,564,570,572,575, 577 needs replaced, 578, 581, 587, 589,591,604,612,619,620 Carter RC, 621, 623 think this is the Garner/Hernandez RC, 630 needs replaced, 631,634,635,642,649,650,653, 655 Carty, 656, 657, 660 Aaron.

Obviously there are a lot of high numbers there. So my dilemma regardless of what I paid for them, it isn't what was listed. Again, what would you do.

All of the single scanned cards (above and below) carry a high Beckett value of at least $10.00 for NM condition.

Not perfect, but VERY VERY nice.

Now, I do have some of the other key cards (no Ryan though) and combined with what I already have in 1975s, this 250+ was going to have me way across mid-field towards completion. UGH! I am pleased with the cards I got and condition was better than I expected albeit the one Brett was said to be NM, but I knew it wasn't  (I figured EX-MT) when I hit the buy it now button. I am more disappointed in the fact that apx. 100 cards were shorted. I contacted the seller, and after back and forth everyday for a week now. I'm starting to get the feeling, you know...

Am I being impatient? The seller is new to Ebay (only had a 2 for feedback) that is scary all by itself, but if I leave them a negative it will pretty much crush his rating for sometime.


  1. The seller didn't list the cards out or otherwise indicate the size of the lot outside of the title, but you seems to have gotten a decent price on the lot.

    Handling the feedback side of things is kind of up to how you feel about it. You can leave a positive or neutral rating, noting the problem in your comment and dinging their seller ratings with a 1-star grade in the Item Description and Communication sections. You could start a formal complaint on eBay, which will likely result in a refund / partial refund / hassle of returning the cards to the seller. Or you could leave a negative feedback, again commenting on the discrepancy and dinging the Item Description / Communication ratings. If the card shortage is your big complaint and the seller isn't budging on any kind of fix, you might be better off initiating a resolution case in eBay or leaving negative feedback.

    In the past when I have had complaints, I usually wait to leave feedback until the seller has a chance to fix the issue. Most of the time the seller fixes it to my satisfaction and I leave a positive rating. Sometimes the seller doesn't respond or refuses to accept responsibility and I leave them a negative feedback. How they fix the problem is almost as important as the actual fixing of the issue.

    1. Thanks for the fast comment. The seller did put the count in the description as well, not just the title. At first he seemed like he was going to make it right, now I don't know. I don't want to be impatient which is kind of what I am asking. How long should I do this back and forth? It has been a week now with messages everyday from both of us. I don't want to crush the guys rating, just really want something to make up for the 100 missing vintage (pre-1980) commons.

  2. On the bright side... you've got one heck of a lot and at least he's been communicating with you. Usually in these cases where I really want to keep the cards, I just request a partial refund. I don't think I've ever been disappointed with what the seller offered in terms of compensation... but then again it's only happened to me once or twice.

    Whatever happens, I hope you're able to get something you wanted in return... whether it's some money or some 76's.

  3. You might try asking for a partial refund. Just come up with a dollar amount you think would be fair for the missing cards and see if the seller's cool with it. If he doesn't go for it, well, I wouldn't feel too about about leaving negative feedback.

    and btw.. I don't suppose that beat-up Brett RC dupe is available?

    1. I was going to use that one for the Brett PC, but everything is negotiable. What did you have in mind? Shoot me an e-mail. Of course, all is pending until the Ebay thing is resolved.

  4. Yeah, usually a partial refund is the easiest solution for all parties. That allows you to avoid the eBay arbitration and avoid the hassle of negotiating return shipping. He should be able to resolve it pretty quickly one way or the other after you propose that solution. He will either say yes or no, and you can then leave feedback accordingly or go with the official eBay complaint process.

  5. Never crossed my mind about a partial refund. I think if he doesn't offer up something in tomorrow's message I will ask for one. Still none of guys have answered my question.... Am I being impatient? You aren't going to hurt my feelings, I seriously want to know what is the appropriate time to get yancy? Maybe it's 2 weeks I don't know. HELP.

    1. If you've been in constant contact for a week after receiving the shipment and the seller hasn't offered a definitive solution, then you are justified in feeling a bit ansty about his desire to resolve your concerns.

      He probably feels like you got a good deal as is and so he doesn't want to give up anything of value to further his losses. I'd probably float the idea of a partial refund and give him a couple of days to accept / reject that proposition. If he rejects that, you can pretty much immediately escalate it to a formal resolution request through eBay or just leave appropriate feedback and walk away. But he's had plenty of time to propose his own concrete solution.

  6. I guess a lot depends on if you were happy with the amount you paid for the lot. If so, I think handling through feedback is the appropriate way to deal with the issue. If not, you should ask for a partial refund.

    I don't think you are being impatient. The seller needs to know that what was sent does not match up with the listing.

  7. I'm with everyone else. I'm notoriously impatient about things on eBay -- it's money we're talking about here, after all.

    A partial refund sounds like an appropriate remedy here. It's a matter of figuring out the amount.