Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Friday Flea Market dealio.

This past Friday I wound up at the market in the afternoon. Bob aid it was a very slow day even though the parking lot was packed. I hung out for awhile, and as usual I started cleaning up some of his "mixed" boxes of cards. I separated them by sports. When all was said and done, there was one 800 count box and one 400 count box of baseball. Bob let me have them for $6.00

No blow your mind cards or anything like that, just a nice mix of cards. Pulled 7 cards from 1972 Topps.

Pulled 18 from 1973.

Apx. 100 from 1974. 50 different. I'll be taking those dupes back to Bob, it's only right.

5 from 1976.

About 50 from 1977.

A bakers dozen from 1978.

21 from 1979.

So far so good, right?  There were a few cards for 2000 Topps, but I didn't scan those.

Only found three from the 1982 Fleer set. Speaking of which. My Topps and Fleer "Set Build" pages are now updated. Because many of the sets I only have a handful some are marked as HAVES. Same goes for the Donruss, Leaf, and Upper Deck Pages (HAVES), but I still need to update them, maybe Today, maybe not.   I did pull 11 cards for 1982 Donruss, but I guess I didn't scan them. As well as a few 1999 Fleer Tradition.

11 from the Pacific Crown.  TP just does not look right wearing that uniform.

Got a near set of the 1994 Triple Play, and a few each of the 92 and 93.

15-20 each of 2000 UD and 2000 Ultra.

Now for a few cards for "mini" collections. Mine, and maybe yours.....



Could be mine, but if I already have it, then there a couple of you bloggers that I'll have to choose from.

Mine.  Birthday Binder.

One of yours.

We all know whose stack this one goes in.

One of y'all. Not because of the throwback uni either.  Foster Files!

I also got 400 cards of 1993 Leaf which I only needed 2 of them. I also got 50 base 1992 Leaf (needed 2 of them also), and then I got 150 different 1992 Leaf Black Gold cards. Guess, I'll have to add that set.


  1. Which all goes to prove that for most of here, card collecting is about the fun, not the money. Great haul!

  2. What great pickups! I may have to send you a bunch of '82 cards...