Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"The Miller Braves Project" John gets a demerit. I was bad.

I didn't call it that. One of my trading buddies on OCT Jim C. reached out to me after I posted my rant (also posted to the OCT group). Jim really collects vintage, and I mean vintage EVERYTHING. You name it he has it or is working on it not just sports. Anyways, Jim emailed me, and said he would give me a lift on my vintage needs and I could send him newer Braves from 2000-current being a fan and all. I got what appears to be the first of many PWEs in the other day with a note calling this his "Miller Braves Project".

Here are those 7 cards.

1960 Braves.

Some very nice 1961 Braves. I really wasn't bad, and the only demerit I got was the one above.


  1. Good stuff, any idea why Del is always wearing a helmet? Was he the sixties' John Olerud?

  2. Del's upset in that photo because he's pretty much about to give up his job to that upstart rookie, Joe Torre.