Saturday, January 23, 2016

Star Wars Pieces

No Shadows today, except maybe on the scanner.

The pieces below originally came from the Walmart 1 day event a couple months back. I just happen to be at the flea market that day when the guy bought all he could at the humpteen dozen Walmart's in my immediate area. He brought them to Bob and traded them to him. I told Bob, if he didn't sell them with the upcoming movie or the holidays, I'd take them. Obviously, to send away in a trade package. We all know someone who likes Star Wars stuff. I believe he goes by Jedi.

Bob, put a few of them out, sort of. I grabbed them up yesterday. It was an odd day after all.

Jeff, you might find all of these in the next blind trade Box I send you. It still has a little room that needs filling. I plan on filling it to maximize the new postal rates.


  1. I really should by a pack just cuz. I mean, I buy Chipz just cuz - and I'm an idiot. I don't even like Chipz. Except the magnetic ones. So I put the Chipz packs onto the metal shelf at Target and if it sticks, I buy the pack.

    I truly am an idiot.

    1. These are the Galactic Connexions discs, only available at walmart (retail). here's a link/url to the set/game

  2. Replies
    1. I figured you were going to want the girlie cards. Maybe we can work something out with Jeff on the discs.