Friday, January 22, 2016

What an ODD day.

I swung by the flea market this afternoon to see my buddy Bob and to pick up $5.00 worth of cards I had forgot to get last week. To make 1 long story short, I still forgot to buy those cards today.

Why did I do that, easy enough I was distracted. You will see this over say the next week. ISH. In reality, it is a sad story. One of Bob's longtime customer's had passed away during the holidays. The man's wife is selling her husbands' collection, and Bob get dibs on most of it. He is fair with her, but most of the really really good stuff will wind up at Bob's house and not for sale. Apparently, last Saturday and Sunday he nearly sold everything she brought in. There's is still a lot there and I got to run through the baseball, as I don't really collect the other sports. I did manage to set aside to complete sets 1985 Fleer & Donruss. I'll have to get them another time, perhaps when I remember to get that $5.00 stack.

I did however have a lot of fun going through 2 1600 count boxes of odd ball stuff. You know me I love it, even if ain't Braves! So, what came home with me? first I will type it out, then start with the first installment of "odd ball" stuff.

1) Over Size Galore, lots of goodies here. 9 packs of 1993 Donruss Masters of the Game unopened packs...... 2 Different 1974 TCMA reprint sets one being 1890 Brooklyn Dodgers, the other 1910-14 Philadelphia A's. An Upper Deck Chipper I needed.

2) 2 boxes of Japanese team sets from 1993.

3) 91 autographed cards.

4) 336 Girlie cards, that I can NOT show 299 of them on this blog!

5) A Tony Gwynn set.

6) 4 Vintage Baseball Booklets (mini comics).

7) Almost forgot. 20 rare Star Wars pieces.

Now the 1st card pics.

I opened 9 packs of the oversize cards, and got 8 different. doubled up on the Sandberg. More Dick Perez magic, although I'd much rather them in regular size.

Sunday I will show off the oversize A's from 1974 TCMA.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I also wish those came in the regular size.

    1. The art work is fantastic, the border colors are a bit iffy. I'm gonna have to get some more 4 pocket pages to use in my player collections where these 8 are going. Be so much easier to be standard size.