Sunday, January 24, 2016

1974 TCMA : 1890 Brooklyn National League Champions

Not a whole lot to say here, other than these are cool and look like over sized coasters. Interesting back reads, probably should have scanned all of those too. Obviously, outside of my collection needs so these are up for trade (like the Star Wars stuff), and most of what I picked up Friday.

This is the only back I scanned, sorry. After thought, I really should've scanned them too.

That's a stache!

There are the 16 players I picked up. They are for trade so let me know. Hope you enjoyed them. I will show the 1914-16 Philadelphia A's Championship cards probably Tuesday. tomorrow I will showing off the Japanese baseball cards I grabbed up.


  1. How weirdly odd.

    I am interested in these, because I don't have enough things that don't fit any of my pages.

    1. Greg, then I'll hold them for you. LMK when you want them.

    2. Anytime. I'm behind on trade packages as usual. But I'm always ready for cards.

  2. Very cool. TCMA certainly made some great oddballs in their day.