Thursday, January 28, 2016

Girls Girls Girls

I in no way wish to offend anyone, but I do like the pretty girls. I don't collect them for the most part (I may have 1 or 2 that are in my collection), but last Friday was an odd day. They were there, I know some of you do collect them, so I grabbed them. Never even looked at them until I got home, whoa buddy. HA, sheezz, pun intended there. They were in a small box, Bob said those are "titty" cards, I simply said done. Anyways, When I did look at them I knew immediately I couldn't post the majority here. But there are enough Bench Warmers and misc girlie cards that I can and will. Now for the the ones that I can not, the milder ones were put out bu Hustler, keep in mind I said milder ones. At the other end of the spectrum were cards that you can google (Swedish Erotica Playing Cards" just like that,  the yellow ones you see, yep got the whole deck all 54 of them).  There is another full deck of playing cards too, but they are so much more milder than the fore mentioned ones. All in all there are a total of 336 girlie cards of which I can not show 298 of them. But they are up for trades. I might add that the Swedish deck is American porn stars from actual porn movies and usually sells around $20.00 all by itself. That said, if you want them let me know, the other deck is also available, so are the ones that are not in a deck, plus the ones shown here today.

Starting off with some Marilyn's, there will be some more of her later.

Makes me want to play catch or watch "The Durham Bulls" movie.

Okay now I want toss the pigskin around.

After tossing the baseball and football around, I think it's time to cool off at the beach. Hey there's the other Marilyns'.

What can I say?


  1. Someone gifted me a box of those Benchwarmer cards a while back. The collation was awful. I got one or two autographs in the box, which was a nice surprise.

  2. I just picked up a box of Playboy cards from the flea market. Figured it be a nice Flash(p)ack Friday post one of these days. I have a bunch of female trading cards. My most prized possessions are the ones that are part of my Japanese PC. As for the nudie cards... I'll stumble across them from time to time at the flea market. I usually toss them into the trash immediately. Can you imagine having one of those slip into a stack of baseball cards I hand out to the kids? That would not be good.

    1. no it wouldn't (from a moral/legal standpoint) i'm sure the boys wouldnt mind though