Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cocktails and Cards (How's that for a Wacky post title)

It's still Wacky Wednesday, just thought I'd be a little creative being that I've had a couple of cocktails. A buddy I haven't seen in awhile brought over (2) two HANDLES (1.75 l) bottles of my favorite Bourbon Whiskey.  Makers Mark.  At $65.00 a bottle, I thought it'd be rude not to open one and have a drink with my friend. Okay, so I've had two, or.. Never mind, here are this weeks' cards.



Anyone for Chinese?

The kid does have that look down. Must be shaking off the curve. What do you think?

Have a glove. The way everyone is looking up there it must have been interesting.


Just plain ole goofy. But that is definitely a happy person.

What's in the box? And on a second issue, don't you just love that blue hat with the maroon?

I wonder how close the ball was to the umpire's head.

Not sure if tomorrow is the girlie cards, autos, or another post, tune in and we'll find out together.


  1. Makers Mark is good stuff! And these wacky cards are pretty cool too.

  2. Great stuff! Crossing my fingers for some girlie cards ;)

  3. hmmm, gav and fuji, yep its girls tomorrow. Or here on the correct coast(the right coast) here shortly in about 45 minutes or so, if I am still indulging.