Thursday, January 21, 2016

Some Baseball History

This post should have been written yesterday, but that was a Wednesday. January 20th, 1871 is the "official" day the Atlanta Braves franchise roots started to grow. Unofficially, they can be traced back to 1869. History is one of my interests. I'll try to shorten the Wiki version.

1869- First professional baseball team the Cincinnati Red Stockings were formed.
1870- Cincinnati Red Stockings disolved at the end of the season.
1870- 4 Red Stockings players/mgr work with a Bostonian. January 10, made it real.
1871- January 20th, made the Boston Red Stockings legal and part of the National Association.
1876- New League formed, Boston was a charter member. Nickname Red Caps.
1883_ Nickname changed to Beaneaters.
1901- Boston gets a 2nd team. (not affiliated with the Braves of course).
1907- Nickname changes to Doves. New owner name was Dovey.
1911- Nickname changes to Rustlers. New owner name was Russell.
1912- Nickname becomes the Braves. At the suggestion of John Montgomery Ward. Anyone                         remember the department store?
1923- New owner- Fuchs, new President Christy Mathewson.
1928- Bring Rogers Hornsby over.
1935- The Bambino comes back to Boston, but across the tracks. Hits his last 3 HRs in one game.
1936- Braves changes to Bees.
1940- Braves again for good. What wasn't permanent was the city.
1953- Moved to Milwaukee.
1966- Moved to Atlanta, With their most recent address change they technically aren't in Atlanta                    anymore Dorothy. One of their biggest fans was born in Atlanta......ME! The city rejoiced                    due to the Braves, the Falcons, and me of course! Okay, so maybe that last one didn't happen.

The Braves have had an interesting journey, all of which has made them the LONGEST continuous franchise in Baseball history. Lots of ups and downs through the years. When I first became a Braves fan (not in 1966) in 1975 I was already living here in Ocala (moved back to GA in 1976). So my early years with the Braves was rough (they were the worst team in baseball).Then as I grew up WOW, from worst to first  the headlines read.  Lots of people jumped on the bandwagon. After a stint in the US Army, I came back to Ocala where I've been ever since, other than the rare family reunion, or sadly a funeral do I get/need to go home. I used to vacation the All-Star week back home, had to catch a Braves game, but then it was always the Expos the last series before the break. My life and career has changed a lot over the years, similar to that of my BRAVES!

I really tried to shorten this. But that's it in a nutshell.

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The Bambino.

Rogers Hornsby.

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