Monday, February 1, 2016

Very Short Post

I've been knocking out the set builds left and right. Took out 7 in January. Pretty sure getting the 12 for the year will be done before I know it, even if I only count large sets.

This Canseco RC, killed the 1986 Fleer set. Funny thing was somehow I ordered 2 of these from different places (unknowingly). It works out okay because now one can reside in the PC. BTW, this one cost me .18 cents.

Another funny thing I did with that Sportlots order was buy the update too. I already had it, I forgot. Again, goes into the PC.

Snagged this Aaron from the Bay! Still need 2 more of it though as I want to build the 01 & 02 Reserve sets. And Need one for the PC.

Short, see told ya.


  1. 18¢ for the Canseco/Plunk rookie card is a steal. Nice find.

  2. Your $17.00 real Gwynn auto is a better steal.

  3. Lol... thanks. I was super excited to find that card.